Ciaran Kilkenny

Ciarán Kilkenny, helping his club rise the ranks in Dublin GAA


Is he only 22 still?

He’s a top lad.

Did a tot there the last day looking at the league tables. We are 92 league places higher than we were this time 10years ago when we were sitting top of Division 7. A lot of hard work, a massively talented bunch of young lads and not to mention that my playing retirement in the past couple of years helped contribute to that rise!!! :wink:

Its hard to believe

If you climbed 92 places in the English League you would be Premier Champions!! :scream:

Agree a top man. Not that he should get an award for it but i was up in Somerton on a recent Sunday morning watching the minors and Ciaran was sat there all on his lonesome watching the game, and stayed for the full 60. This was the morning after he played inter champo for the hurlers.

I see he’s 9/1 favourite with Paddy Powers to be footballer of the year. Short price but good to see his talents (and there are many) are appreciated.

keep the 9/1 about ciaran quiet ,if we retain sam i believe he will be player of the year

Thats a great price for him worth a few quid he had a great league

He was 25/1 before the league final and then straight after getting MOTM he went to 14/1 and now is 9/1.

Raging I didn’t take either of the bigger prices.

A great player with a great temperament, a really important player for Dublin going forward.

Without doubt future dublin captain. Great clubman, how different thinks could have been if he had stayed in Oz, look at the likes of Tommy Walsh in kerry he could have been lost to Dublin and at the age he is now if he can keep going HD may end up as one of our most decorated players.

Class act and I think our most important half forward , for consistency.

Is becoming a huge player for us. The one thing that confuses me about CK is that he actually doesn’t look like a naturally gifted player - say a la Dermo. Technically he looks all wrong - even his kicking technique looks strange. Bart says this is because of Oz and that might be right though if he had inherent gifts surely they would’ve came back now.

Yet BB says he is much more skillful than he is! It confuses me tbh but Ck is a great bit of stuff!

Kilkennny is our best player - averages up to 30 plays always kicks 3 from play

Himself and Connolly make it all tick, he’s a remarkable talent at that age.

His two points in the first half were peaches.

And Connolly’s pass into O’Gara for the peno wasn’t bad either.