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Right folks, here is your one stop shop to post all delusions of disillusion from the world outside Dublin.

Starting with this from Mayo News cheerleader and spell check genius, Edwin “Ed” McGreal

Make up yisser feckin minds … yer confusing me! Jaysus Dcr - your thread didn’t last long …

We can’t look at mcgreal s ugly mush can you change his face to Debbie harry

I used to love her but Debbie Harry is now 72. Fair play to you.

Snowcat your like a bleedin contraceptive


A leach from where else but the Mayo blog…hi Dave *waves

Wakeupifyoucan says:

August 28, 2017 at 1:14 pm

Dublin are weakening, no mistake about this ,in 2013 they got a 4 point
allowance, the fluke goal in first half ,after halftime they were gifted
a point they won x1 .in 2016 they were gifted 6 points and drew
the replay was the same gifted a penalty 3points won x1.
Surely the greatest team would not let Kerry their greatest rivals win
the league, i can only see 1 player who has come in, that would improve
Dublin from last year, if they didnt play well in the final last year, they
also did not play well in 2013 final .Mayo have improved ,and will improve
more in next game, make no mistake about this. Kerry have the same problem
players coming in not as good as players leaving . dublin are switching players
around o sullivan full back etc etc .Kerry and Dublin are level now evens stevens
if you like, Kerry were gifted 6 points in the first game v Mayo a draw. no gifts in
replay result Mayo win x5. slan anois

Sounds like a school kid from ballygonothing.

Fair play to Willie Joe he posted himself live on video making the mayobog


This is pure comedy gold how could you ignore this ?? It’s what the internet was invented for !!!

That’s hilarious!
They eat their dinners at midday up in Mayo.


I’ll tell ya lads theres a fecking comedy gold tv serious out of that MayoBlog, crazy bunch of folks. Crazy as ■■■■.

i assume most of them are kids

here a crazy post from the mayo blog after league final. Keep on eye on the flags for the final beside the goals :joy::joy::joy:

St Pats Oldie says:
April 9, 2017 at 10:25 pm
I noticed that the umpires flags at Dublins goal in the first half were placed at the rear of the goal which seemed to facilitate Clixtons quick kick outs.
The goal flag at the Kerry goal was also towards the rear of the goal but the white flag was near the front of the goal.
Cluxton got booked at the start of the second half. Did he try and pressure the umpire into moving his flag further back and became upset when he wouldnt move it?
Inches people its all about inches. *ill be keeping an eye on the position of these flags for the next couple of Dublin games.
Delighted Dublin were beaten but never delighted to see a Kerry win.

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Someone should tell that fruit loop that Clucko’s booking was to do with an incident involving James McCarthy & Donnacha Walsh IIRC :joy:


There some mad bunch out there

They’re no more barmy than some of the claptrap you’ll read from some of our own over the next few weeks!


some really nasty stuff on the Mayoblog!mayo


apart from the “gifted” bits thats a fair enough post.

the problem with the blog is that although 95% of them are good people when the 5% lose the head - they really lose it.

The aul “they get their meals delivered” thing is as old as the hills. It’s a mixture of the fact that the lads are on a diet (true) and Philly does a ftiness meals delivery business. The best one was about (cant remember who) the dublin player in an an gealteacht bringing his personal chef with him to the hostel to make sure he had his own special dublin meals. (He brought his menu and asked if they could do it - it was all pasta stuff!)

I think for our sanity we should approach all of this in good humour. Nothing anyone says on a blog/social media will affect the match. Maybe we can do an award for the best one after the all ireland.

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Ciaran Kilkenny when he was up in the Donegal Gaeltacht last year, doing his teacher training practice?

Sure everyone knows that John Costello personally paid for Nevan Maguire to go up there to make his din dins for him…and for Mary Berry to make him a nice apple tart for his afters.