Climate Change

Even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t matter, the greens have zero power and very little support amongst the public, it’s absolutely laughable that greens are influencing the policies of a government that keeps pumping more and more money into coal.

I’m telling you know, it’s right wing propaganda bullshit and the governing parties followers are falling for it hook line and sinker.

I guarantee you ever single person that blames the greens also says that climate change doesn’t exist.


There you go. NSW Rural Fire Service has actually exceeded its fire reduction targets since 2011, and former NSW fire chief says in that article that it’s total bollocks.

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is it at all possible that he has been taken in by the propaganda?

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This is where we are now, gaslighting and misinformation is the new norm and deemed acceptable and i think it will be found in time to be ridiculously effective - just look at how divided the USA and UK are now. People ranting and raving about the EU who 3 years ago couldn’t have given two flying fooks about it.

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he knew what he voted for etc.

Reports that smoke from the bushfires has now reached Chille

Really? That far? Jesus Christ above.

Yeh was mentioned on the morning news earlier!

Why do Mayo need their own thread?

Oh sorry, you mean earthquakes, hurricanes, brush fires and the like. Never mind…


There is also the Science and Environmental Matters thread! Fully agree with Rochey.

Well they do have their own version disaster emergency centre know as Willies Blog…

Heard some guy on the radio yesterday going on about all the dire climate warnings not having been met, he seemed to mistake tipping points or point of no return warnings with the end of the world, which was funny.

Anyway his other point was that man needs to come up with a scientific solution to climate change as well as reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Is there any way to capture carbon from the atmosphere in sufficient quantities? I remember seeing something about a plan to have a fleet of ships spraying mist into the air to try and cool the planet … is that just fantasy or are there any plausible plans?

i think the only carbon capture they can work out is at source, at power stations, for example.

Back in the Sixties some scientist did a study of social & economic expansion and resource consumption in the world, how it would effect the ecosystem, and predicted that capitalist democratic societies would start to be clearly unsustainable and falling apart by 2020…

The endless consumption of shitty goods sadly keeps the economy afloat but is ultimately unsustainable. Flying chicken in from Thailand never made any sense to me.

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Clothing been worn once or twice - huge strain on natural resources, especially water.

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It was a lot later than the 60’s that projections were overstated and I do think the interpretation of climate models were used unwisely and may have undermined climate science to this day. It’s clear enough the physical science basis is well grounded as is the empirical science in terms of measuring and recording.

But modelling, while a crucial and necessary scientific tool, is frought with difficulty in a climate sense. We’ve seen a 1 degree Celsius increase but some projections had us in a hot house by now and that’s within the context of a business as usual or increased output scenario too.

It’s probable that there are still key short term carbon sinks that are keeping warming in check. Protecting these are key. They are most likely the oceans and forests but the oceans capacity to absorb is reducing as they warm.

Nature often displays threshold behaviour. Like a avalanche, it doesn’t gently give way, it collapses quickly. I think the climate will go likewise. There are numerous coupled interdependent systems playing off each other and passing the point of no return can’t be far away.

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Yes, agreed. I’ve read about temporary increased ocean carbon consumption, which btw is the latest thing that the deniers have latched onto. Tbh at this stage in some ways it’s better to understand that alot of deniers are just people who feel responsibility for doing something about what’s happening, but feel helpless to do anything really effective in the short-term at least , and they’re hardly going to broadcast “we’re all doomed!” (unless they follow Dublin footballers).

What I posted above was about a guy who put together all the key indicators of human societal developmental (as it was happening and projected to continue at the time) and natural environmental and resource sustainability, and then projected that in a measureable way the latter would fail and lead to the breakdown of the former by 2020.
Mind you, the 50s and 60s had a million doomsday predictions, but this one seems to have been quite measured.

I was listening to an interview with him on the radio yesterday but can’t remember the name or find the show because it’s some stand-in show for a regular show so no podcast available, doh!

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Just a coincidence