Climate Change

All I’m quoting what my friend said…I assume back burning was stopped because of green pressure? I honestly don’t know.

When we stopped dredging the Shannon here look what happened with flooding.

There is no one cause but a combination.

In fairness the greens haven’t been in government in this country since 2011 but we still have a lot of ‘green’ policies with regards to certain issues here. No one is talking of a green government being at fault here, but a reluctance to back burn for instance because of pollution concerns creates the conditions where these wildfires can, and are, spreading uncontrollably.

Greens in Aus have never been against that

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As I posted previously, the rich will fight as dirty as fock against the green agenda. Lying is second nature to them.

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As I’ve said already, blaming the greens is propaganda bullshit from the right wing parties and unfortunately it seems to be working. The greens never ever ever came out against backburning, they’ve always supported it.

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There will always be different opinions.

They do support back burning, in as they say themselves a scientifically-based, ecologically appropriate way. Perhaps this is what’s raising the anger among some Australians. Does the greens idea of back burning equate to what these farmers think is necessary? I personally don’t know, and don’t claim to be an expert, but to dismiss everything as right wing propaganda may not be appropriate either. The people being quoted are frequently farmers or other residents, not big business.

Even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t matter, the greens have zero power and very little support amongst the public, it’s absolutely laughable that greens are influencing the policies of a government that keeps pumping more and more money into coal.

I’m telling you know, it’s right wing propaganda bullshit and the governing parties followers are falling for it hook line and sinker.

I guarantee you ever single person that blames the greens also says that climate change doesn’t exist.


There you go. NSW Rural Fire Service has actually exceeded its fire reduction targets since 2011, and former NSW fire chief says in that article that it’s total bollocks.

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is it at all possible that he has been taken in by the propaganda?

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This is where we are now, gaslighting and misinformation is the new norm and deemed acceptable and i think it will be found in time to be ridiculously effective - just look at how divided the USA and UK are now. People ranting and raving about the EU who 3 years ago couldn’t have given two flying fooks about it.

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he knew what he voted for etc.

Reports that smoke from the bushfires has now reached Chille

Really? That far? Jesus Christ above.

Yeh was mentioned on the morning news earlier!

Why do Mayo need their own thread?

Oh sorry, you mean earthquakes, hurricanes, brush fires and the like. Never mind…


There is also the Science and Environmental Matters thread! Fully agree with Rochey.

Well they do have their own version disaster emergency centre know as Willies Blog…

Heard some guy on the radio yesterday going on about all the dire climate warnings not having been met, he seemed to mistake tipping points or point of no return warnings with the end of the world, which was funny.

Anyway his other point was that man needs to come up with a scientific solution to climate change as well as reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Is there any way to capture carbon from the atmosphere in sufficient quantities? I remember seeing something about a plan to have a fleet of ships spraying mist into the air to try and cool the planet … is that just fantasy or are there any plausible plans?

i think the only carbon capture they can work out is at source, at power stations, for example.