Cloud Storage

Anyone out there using any form of Cloud Storage?

Bought an iPAD Pro from London … so looking into Cloud Storage so as not to clog up/ slow down the ipad.

Dropbox seems to be the first listed off most peoples tongues…

However i see GOOGLE DRIVE seems to offer bigger GB for less ($2/month 100GB), as well as 15GB free a month. Dropbox only give you 2GB, obviously fine for most, but i will be designing larger artwork files, so need more GB’s.

Any insight or experiences greatly appreciated fellas. Thanks.

They’re all still too small and/or too expensive imho. Dropbox give you 1TB for a tenner a month but even that isnt really a great solution if you want to use it as a hard drive in the cloud.

So you reckon stick with a Hard Drive for now Tayto ?

I have 50 gig a month with iCloud. cost me a euro a month.

I thought the options would be better by now @BOTTLER - like 50 GB is grand if you’re not using it to backup your work HD.

That’s not bad at all JJF. Cheers for sharing