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My club are drawing up an infrastructual development plan including dressing rooms and player facilities. To save me the trouble of touring the country; who has the best player facilities in Dublin? Should we be copying Abbotstown?

Hope you are considering various factors, such as:

Number of pitches to cater for?
Number of dressing rooms needed for pitches at capacity, including referees, home team, away team.
Number of non dressing rooms - meeting, physio, storage, kitchen, first aid, office etc
Distance of pitch from potential development.
Shared showers or showers per dressing room
Childcare policy regards structural build, I.e. access/egress points should be very public.
Wheelchair accessible
Emergency services accessibility
Single story or multiple story.

Based on clubs aside from abbotstown you should definitely look at the set ups of:
Clan na Gael

In my opinion and I’m sure theres lots more, the above have varying degrees of good ideas and more than satisfactory facilities for players off the field.

Castleknocks when complete looks like one of the best examples of club pitch facility development in stages.

Really? Us?


Think about it.

Large dressing rooms, meeting spaces, pitch right beside and car parking. All in all it’s grand.

The question of what sort of condition is current dressing rooms etc wasnt asked. :sunglasses:

Thanks fellas. Lots to consider. We will have two full size pitches. So need minimum four dressing rooms. I’m really interested in the area in metres sq of a dressing room.

2 full sized dressing rooms. 2 small dressing rooms. All in shite and 2 pitches. Means we need at least twice that capacity in dressing rooms. Clubhouse is awful. Needs a major overhaul. Next project!

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Please don’t forget the ref and make sure the room is bigger than most cupboards I have seen in clubs.


Have a look at the plans we (O’Dwyers) have in place for our new development

Players never made in the clubhouse, ballymun went for pitches initially and that where number priority should be. Good playing and training facilities and everything else afterwards.


Could be worse. You could stuck be in the boot of car in nearby Wicklow. :wink:


You must have some cash if you want to copy Abbottstown

Ashbourne GAA have a fabulous set up,worth a look , Mearnog as mentioned also very good , Parnells no hurling wall and pitch is in bits I’d give that a miss, looked great when it opened


Is Asbourne’s clubhouse similar to your own or is it just the small stand that makes them look similar? Quite a few years since I was in Peregrine’s.
Ashbourne have a great indoor training hall, too.

Similar but Id put Ashobourne ahead , better design , the way the stand faces the main pitch gives it a better feel , don’t tell anyone in Peregrines I said that

Damo, is Terry O’Connell still involved with Peregrines?

Liam not a name I’m familiar with , certainly not involved with any of the senior men’s teams and fairly certain not on executive

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He would’ve been involved in getting Clubhouse etc built.

Sorry Liamo bit before my time , I came on board when lads joined nursery about 13 years ago stand was already there , best of luck in new gig

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Cheers Damo.

Is gaelscoil ui earcain within your jurisdiction? And congrats.

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