Club football gone mad

Anyone hear of big north county club bringing in "Director of Football " and ex inter county manager?? Too much money ruining clubs

I wouldn’t see a problem with a director of football if it’s a job taken on by someone to oversee the overall club and probably most importantly provide coaching and help to the coaches at juvenile level.

I haven’t a clue about this instance and who you are talking about but if it’s a job purely for money and only involvement with the senior team, that’s a sign of times gone mad

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In Rush?

It’s not Rush anyway. No Director of Football there. I know exactly where frustratedfan is talking about, and it is complete madness.

If you think that’s bad I heard of an u15 team full kitted out in tracking vests for a league game. Now that’s taking no it to far.

Talty is it

I’ve heard the same story and know the club in question. Really has gone mad. If money talked about is true,it’s even worse. Sad when there are so truly great volunteers and real clubmen who’s fantastic work goes unrewarded so often. Often these real clubmen are even left out of pocket when running teams. I think this is something the County Board need to stop turning a blind eye to and stamp down on.

Wouldn’t have an issue with DOF role though there are plenty capable of doing it on voluntary basis. Create an environment and system bottom to top to work towards SF in 6 to 7 years.
Crazy to pay a much hyped but substandard manager the money talked about. Players aren’t there at moment and even if Mickey Harte, Jim Gavin and Mick o Dwyer were on the line, they’d still not be in top 6 or 7 of chance of winning.
Heard a great one today about the “innovative” training that money buys,… novel use of cellotape I’m told.

Director of football is fine if they are looking over juvenile and adult sections and are basically doing the work of a gpo as in going into schools etc. But if it’s a paid roll to oversee a senior football team who already have a manager then it’s a shocker

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From what I m led to believe it’s only for senior team. Loads of really good lads out there getting very demoralised. . Mentors left short of money , club constantly fund raising and huge money being pumped into basically 1 team. Personally if even 50% of what I m told is true it s completely wrong.

Sure there’s nothing in football to direct! A handful of skills, often reduced to hand passing and 'running off the shoulder ’ (Jesus wept) up to the fourteen yard line before taking a shot! If you have to pay a lad to ‘direct’ that, times are tough.

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Sure you may as well fess up and tell us who is it so…

What team is it? Id imagine its Fingal Ravens but thought all the money dried up when your man went to Plunketts.

Is he not back now?

The flow of funds never stopped despite the move. A bit bizarre really, but that’s Dublin club football for you

Mad for the football out there in the North County.

Not many north county teams competing for the senior football championship so its a bit of a waste of money

The money rumored is a bit obscene. It’s a club looking to recapture past glories judging by things but throwing money at the senior team is certainly not the way to do it in my opinion.
North County team in senior division 1 and not maurs. Whatever about investing in facilities and developing juvenile section, paying such money to a senior manager and “director of football” seems absolutely crazy. More money than sense oit they’re is suggest!

… or just mad?

Mc Donagh is back with ravens