Club fundraiser marred by Mearnogs

Crumlin GAA hosted the 3rd annual Jim Boggan cycle on Sat 23rd July. The day was very successful and enjoyed by all.

The first 2 years the cycle was held other clubs were always willing to change fixtures to give Crumlin players time to recuperate after their 190km cycle on the Saturday. This year however, Naomh Mearnogh insisted that the AFL Div 5 match between themselves and Crumlin take place out in Portmarknock at 11am the day after the biggest club fundraiser of the year.

A number of Mearnogs players were asked if they were aware of this, some said they wouldve rathered a midweek game and others never got the option. But their manager rang Crumlins manager on Thursday, just 2 days before the cycle to say the game must be played on the Sunday morning.

Opinion on this? As i for one believe this was very poor on the Mearnogs football managers behalf.

Having been on a juvenile CCC for nine years all I can say is that in situations like this I have, on many occasions, seen what goes around come around.

You never know when you’ll need a favour. Which is why it’s always a good idea to do one when you can.

Unfair to blame Mearnog in fairness in this.

Why not have the fundraiser on this weekend when no games on?


What a total load of bs. None of the Mearnog players were asked by any of the crumlin lads if we were aware, and none of them said we weren’t. We were asked by management who would be available for a midweek game, we got a response of about 10 players being available, now last time I checked you can’t play a match with ten players, so really I’m not sure what you would want us to do???

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