Club fundraisers

We’re doing the Oscarz at the moment, the big night is on Sept 7th… Any other clubs doing anything at the moment? We run one maybe every other year. After a chat with the chairman of Boughal over Christmas, he convinced me the Oscarz was the way forward!

Little ad:
If you fancy sponsoring any of our actors here’s the list. You may recognise one or 2 on the list!

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We’re doing the same one. I’ve been roped into The Commitments !

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A lad in work was showing me the video’s of one of these his club did earlier in the year (a M**th club, cant recall which one) and they were brilliant!! Good luck

Barrog doing a 100k Cycle (Blazing Saddles II), the second iteration of same. First one was a great success.


Walterstown did one last spring

Apologies for the silly question but I havent heard of this.
How does the Oscarz work?

You make a shortened version of a Hollywood blockbuster etc! You buy votes on the night and vote for your fav movie and they get an Oscar! In a nutshell basically

Sounds deadly! best of luck with it

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We did
White Collar boxing and 100km cycle, wasnt involved but they brought a few quid in.

Big money makers:
The Cube
Strictly (twice)

All really good events. Strictly by far most popular.

Done the Oskars myself a few years back. If you’re involved in the movies this is by far the best craic I reckon.
Really good money spinner too

We got that girl from Ballyragget to do a turn but half the club didn’t support the fundraiser at all.

Found the Walterstown ones on the 'tube

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Already looking forward to the next one :eyes: so much for a small part

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