Club Managers in Dublin

With all the furore going on about who is possibly getting the Dublin Senior Hurling job I am just curious as to what the balance is among each club’s top hurling team in Dublin when it comes to who is managing them. Is your clubs first team managed by a Dub or someone from beyond the Pale. I am sure most of us would like to see someone from Dublin managing our hurlers in years to come but how many Dubs are managing clubs teams? If lads cannot get to manage a club team in Dublin they have little chance of managing the county team(I know that the obvious will be pointed out about Gilroy not managing club or playing at adult level) And again a lot of people won’t care where the manager of the county team is from as long as they are successful, I am aware of that.

Ill start with my own club. Managed by a Dub


Off the top of my head and I could be wrong on a few

Vinnies - Dub
Crokes- Outsider
Crumlin- Dub
Cuala- Outsider
Na Fianna- Was a Dub but not from Na Fianna but that could have changed this season
Judes- Outsider
Finbarrs- Dub
Parnells- Outsider
O’Tooles- Dub
Brigids- Dub
Craobh- Outsider
Boden- Outsider

Faughs- Outsider
Ballinteer - Outsider
Plunketts - Dub
Raheny - Dub
Olafs - Dub
Barrog - Dub but not Barrog
Setanta- Dub
Castleknock- Is there anyone not a Dub looking after their teams :kissing_heart:
Pats- Dub
Lucan - Dub I think
Whitehall - Dub but not Whitehall
Crokes - Dub


Parnells all dubs selectors and manager (manager not from Parnells)

Craobh manager from Cork and doing a great job

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So an outsider :wink:

I’d say I’m at least 90% right with them

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Have to be 6th Generation…

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Whitehall manager is a Kildare man but in Finglas most of his life

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Setanta manager from tipp

Is Mort not involved? Thank god he’s not a Dub :wink:

Fairly sure Castleknock is a Dub but from outside Castleknock.

Strength and conditioning coach

Both Castleknock senior hurling and football managers are Dubs.

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But outsiders :kissing_heart:

Both live in the area , kids play and coached through juvenile levels so hardly outsiders.

Club is only 19 years old so it would be hard to get any one who is a pure insider.

You’d hardly call your football manager a Castleknock man?

Na Fianna all his life but lives in Castleknock awhile now.

No but I wouldn’t say he was an outsider either

Is Ben dorney not manager of someone

Selector with Vincent’s.
The lad from Tipp with Setanta is not their manager either, he was a couple of years ago but left to manage Vincent’s, he went back to Setanta this year.

Pats corkman

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