Club managers

Interesting to see some names of managers in the SH A champ thread, with a right few lads who managed/played county.

Whats the general breakdown in clubs? No names needed but be interested to see how many clubs have managers who managed or played to a good standard and how many clubs have outside people managing them


Boden = Joe Fortune…county manager
Crokes = Dalo…county manager/player

Won’t name names.
Kicks things off with naming names :joy:


Vincent’s - Cathal Fallon, played senior hurling with Vincent’s for 10 years +.
Won 3 Dublin championships with Vincent’s Senior camogie team ( Beaten in Leinster final twice) before taking over Senior men’s team last year.

is he a brother of Ronan?

Can we stick their salaries in aswel or…

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“Travel Expenses”


Former Waterford forward Paul Flynn has been appointed St Jude’s trainer for 2020.
After a bad couple of years for the club, the main goal will be getting back to AHL1 next year.
Hard to see them being competitive in the SHCA in the short term, but medium term have some good juveniles coming through.

That’ll be a handy spin from Waterford to Templeogue!!!

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Flynn always seemed reluctant enough about training, some player though. Jude’s made the county final not too long ago, think a few lads went traveling as well as Danny.

It’s a very mpressive appointment. His Waterford u21 team played savage hurling in 2016.

Serious hurler himself and worked on his game a lot more than he got credit for

yeah it’s for the “good of the game” I’m sure

Crokes have kept it in house this time. With joint managers Aodán De Paor and Kieran Dowling and Donal McGovern as head coach.


I’m told he works in Dublin now so perhaps not as dramatic a trip as some think.

Thought he had a pub in Waterford,could be wrong :man_shrugging:

€33,333 per man is it? :slight_smile:


He may not run the pub himself?

Gone from the pub a long time now.

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I heard he works in Dublin 2 days a week so it could work for him and judes
If he trains the team the way he played it will be great for judes
But if he trains the way he trained not so good for judes
I think at the very least it shows judes are very serious about getting back to division 1 which can only be a good thing