Club Minor Football 2017

Who is likely to be the contenders for Division 1 and/or the A Championship in 2017 ? Ballyboden won U16a two years ago but didn’t do great last year. Crokes were near the bottom of Div 1 in U16 two years ago but will have strong 1st Year minors to pick from. Any thoughts ?

Na Fianna for me. Should have a strong side David O’Hanlon good keeper. Eoin O’Dea Donal Ryan David Lacey James Doran Sean Currie Shane O’Gorman all good players . Don’t rule Boden out . James Madden and Ross McGarry will be in the Dublin panel. Sam Lally Ben Kelly Shane Kennedy Luke Grady Kevin Desmond John McGinn James Kinsella Ciaran O’Reilly all good players. Kilmacud should be good Liam Flatman Darragh Jones and Hugh Kenny are good players. Whitehall will be good. Ruairi Kerins Lee Gannon Ciaran Murphy Enda O’Donnell Matt Swan. Young team but good. Lucan too and Olafs as well.

Vinnies will be decent next year. Sean Lambe, David Rooney, Robert O’Sullivan, Jamie Weinmann, Jack Cullen, Kevin Doyle, Ciaran Fogarty, Mark Sweeney, Paddy Ryan, and Kevin Morgan in the backs. Sean Fradl and Matt McCrudden in midfield. James O’Donnell, Harry Brady, Cian O’Brien, Andrew Gilroy, Ryan Dunne, Jack O’Meara, Eimantas Davalis, James Mulcahy, and Sean Lowry in the forwards.

Where Vinnies div 2 at this age with TD?

Yes. More a hurling team than a football one. May not even be graded division 1 depending on how they divide teams/divisions.

Our friend is very fond of just reaming off lists of names for some reason. No real discussion of same though!

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Plenty of names for Vinnies, no mention of quality. Need to import constantly at Adult tells you the
expected return on youth investment !!!

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For me, it’s going to be quite open. Don’t think there is a team in it with two strong years of minor. Think contenders will be; Crokes, Ballyboden, Ballymun, Lucan, Na Fianna, Vincents, Olafs, Thomas Davis, and Whitehall

Crokes though were poor at this level two years but have strong 1st Year minors behind them. Ballyboden should be there but hurling could be focus for many of them.

What do people think of each of those teams and is there any one left out ?

Fair chance MFL Winners will come from this Group allright GAAFanatic, fair play to you.
With Big Tomas O’Flaherta gone from Crokes Minors to Navan O’Mahoneys, Crokes will struggle unless they find a new MF Management Team,

Was there any team he didn’t mention? :grin:

He left Clontarf out, most of 2016 lads are underage again in 2017. He knows his stuff !!

Clontarf were poor two years ago at u16, that was the basis.mif you think they will be contenders then great. Clubs go through cycles with teams

Eh…what about the Malahide boys ? Almost made it to A semis last year and won Div 2. U15 A champions at this year and 3 lads on the Minor panel ?

What about Lucan - also strong at 15/16 two years ago ?

Perfect Northsider. Whats you analysis of the main teams for Minor this year ?

For me it is Syls, Na Fianna, Crokes, Boden, Lucan and Ballymun - not necessarily in that order! - but I reckon they will be the top 6.

Clontarf, Olafs, Davis didn’t really figure in the A league for the 15/16 of that group so I didn’t see much of them coming up.

Whitehall I think will be the team for next year rather than this year.

Looking at the final cut on the Minor panel most of the 6 above are well represented.

Football League starts 26th February, hurling the week before (19th)

Just checked, Davis hammered Division 2 U16 and beat Lucan first round of championship, Definitely should be Division 1, How well they compete, who knows, Good team last year. Big difference between U15 and U18.

Thomas Davis should absolutely be Division 1. Saw them as U16s. Super team.

Looks like the Division 1 teams are as follows - Boden, Lucan, Crokes, Ballymun, Sylvesters, Olaf, Naomh Mearnog, Na Fianna and Cuala

Absolutely daft having nine teams in Division 1 and fifteen (split into two sections) in Division 2. Two byes each week across three divisions and Division 1 likely only a single round which means a guarantee of only 11 games for the year. Someone should have been demoted and told that if they won Div. 2 they could compete in the A championship.

And as an aside if there are to be nine teams in Division 1 it is incomprehensible that Thomas Davis aren’t one of them

Ignoring the teams listed and acknowledging your point re TD who are adept at divisional placement it is idiotic not to have a 8 team division