Club Minor Football 2017

Plenty of uneducated comment here. Has anyone thought of contacting someone in DCB to ask why they structured as they did. They obviously had reasons and only they can say what they are. It’s not fair to be slagging them off without knowing the facts. If the facts show that they made a bad decision so be it slag away.
minor is a difficult level to get right with a two year spread and no real form to work from as U16 and minor form cannot be compared. It is also a tight season with mid term foreign trips, exam study and exams and post exam holidays etc.

Is a 9 team division a logical creation ???

Its far from ideal but there must be a good reason why

Has anyone asked the county board why they bend the rules for some ?

Be specific

I have on the div 5 thread

When Mearnogs have all their main players playing they are a very good side, only team that competed with Boden in 16 Championship 2 years ago. A dangerous side.

There may be 10 Teams after the Co Board meeting next week

you need to re read the rules.

You may be disappointed

I’m asking why different rules were applied previously when a club team dropped a team

There is a big difference in a club dropping a team during a season and in entering teams before a new season.

Can you point to that in the rules

Is it a case were some clubs had the opportunity to go to Div1. Instead opted for the easier route of Div2?

I sure can. But you are the guy who made the first claim. Now you are trying to avoid having to back up your claim with facts by asking me to go first. You made the claim about the rules, you back it up or admit that what YOU think should be in the rules isn’t actually there at all.

That has always been the problem… It’s about trying to win A trophy not about competing with the best.

I’d disagree with that.

If you have a good team let them compete with the best.

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You are right but some clubs or managers don’t agree

CCC have final call on gradings with no appeal against them allowed. So ultimately they agreed to nine teams for whatever reason. Have to look at U16 two years ago as one of the main ways to decode gradings, certainly at the upper level. On that basis TD should definitely be on Division 1. Have 8 teams. Have 10. But in my view you avoid byes at all costs.

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couldnt agree more, cannot believe experienced adminstrators would create a situation where byes are in place every round in the top 2 tiers of minor football