Club players association

Looks like Declan Brennan is starting up a club players association. Looking to give the club player a better deal.

Talking about it on off the ball now, sounds interesting. Hopefully inject some common sense into competition structures.

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Apparently it has received 20,000 messages on Facebook already.

there was some guy in the 2011 general election, stood in dulbin, looked about 10. he based his campaign on social media and a few posters. he got literally thousands of likes on facebook and so on. all the usual irish twatterati like damien mulvey and all that thought he was the bees knees and the cats meaow.

got less votes than facebook likes.

unless these lads have someone they can hire full time for 12 months just to do the paperwork then it’s doomed, so hopefully they have got everything in order.

Dylan Haskins if I recall?

thats the one. it starts here was his slogan. it ended there as well.

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Damien Mulley?

yeah, him and that sort. i used to be loosely associated with them all in my days (when it used to be a messageboard, i abandoned ship laughing when it became a board with a message. now its part of a media empire so i guess someone made a bob out of it).

Speaking of …

Christ!!! didnt realise it was him this week.

Dont think they have much just yet, have been caught off guard by the response slightly.

More than 20,000 members already :open_mouth:

And Duffy is setting himself up in direct opposition to them with the group quarter final nonsense.

This could get very interesting as time goes on.

There may be trouble ahead

What really annoys me about the Football Proposal, is there was no talk of restructuring the Hurling when KK won so many AI’s.


It’s very easy to have members when all it requires is someone to fill in a few details on a website. They don’t even limit it to actual club players, anyone can join. I’ve plenty of past experience of organising stuff on line, were people happily sign up to help or participate, but then never show up once it’s time to actually do something (including things as simple as attend a meeting or talk).

I’m all for having a CPA (and some of what I’ve heard from them sounds good), but I think they are putting the cart before the horse looking for official recognition so soon. First prove that you have the majority of current club players signed up as active members (e.g. paying membership or at least attending meetings) then look to recognised as the representative body for club players. Right now they are just a lobby group.

They will struggle to sign up members without having some form of a proposal to put to people to debate. The general idea of fixing the fixture calendar is good, but also needs the how/why/what/where/when issues dealt with.

Personally I would like to see the day/weekend dedicated as La na gClubbana to be one where every county in Ireland was playing championship at all levels. No county training permitted for 7 days before hand, with five figure fines for teams not releasing players back to their clubs (money to go to the club as an incentive to blow the whistle), (Any mystery injuries suddenly appearing to IC players to automatically rule them out of their next county match.) Then we will see if club really comes first, or if that is just a hollow marketing slogan.

Also county championships to recommence within 10-14 days (to give club teams some notice) of a county ending its participation in the IC championship.

These are off the top of my head with no real thought as to the logistics. There are a truck load of suggestions that they could put forward,and IMO it would make the CPA a far more attractive and meaningful proposition if they did.


When you’re base line is to change the world .

You get buttons .

It’s a great idea but currently

  • they’ve no mandate
  • not recognised by the GAA
  • no clear objective
  • no clear leader
  • no end game

Didn’t stop Dessie when he started out.

GPA still has no mandate if you ask me. Less than 1 percent of the Association wagging the whole dog.

Super 8 is all about money and getting the GAA off the hook for dublin playing on Croke Park all the time.

The real top brass in Croke Park have totally lost the run of themselves, chasing the almighty dollar.

For that reason alone I hope the proposals are shot down.

The GAA has a cheek refusing to at least recognise 20000 players while at the same time actually debating whether a much smaller group should be allowed to bring motions to Congress directly.

Animal Farm springs to mind.


Not sure it’s all about money so much as an attempt to fix a terrible competition structure. Really until they stop trying to fix each competition in isolation, it’s not going to work.

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