Club Referees

Daniel Hussey here, play AFL 6 for Geraldine Morans and also been reffing CCC2 and then Adult matches for the last 10 years.

Started my own sports podcast over lockdown, Tackling Sport and we had All-Ireland Final referee, David Gough, on this week.

Great chat on his own personal journey, GAA Pride, pundits, Johnny Cooper sending off, letters in the post and the changes he’d make to the yellow, black and red card rules.

Full show:

This forum gets an honourable mention at the end of the show, so worth the listen for that alone!

Regarding the club scene here in Dublin, do we feel we have an issue with referee abuse? I find when it does happen, from my own experience, it tends to be from supporters who aren’t involved directly with the team. Obviously we won’t have much trouble with that over the next few weeks!

Would love to know your thoughts anyway.

Any feedback on the podcast itself greatly appreciated also.


Very entertaining podcast in fairness well done. Must look at the david Coldrick one, if you get Cormac Reilly on ask him has Meath being brutal in the last three years help the boys careers.


Appreciate that Liamo. Hahah in all seriousness what is the craic with all these Meath refs??

Co Meath must be a tough training ground so, they three lads are up there as the three best. Whatever ref co ordinator doing out there it seems to be working.

From the two podcasts I watched there, coldrick and gough great communicators and seem like decent guys, I would have to since Pat McEnaneys time referees communication has come on hugely. Gone are the sergeant major days of refusing to even explain a decision.

Interesting they both acknowledge that Junior b is harder in many respects than senior intercounty and I’d assume it’s at this level where we lose a lot of lads.

:+1: good work with podcast.

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I know the ref co-ordinator must pass that message on :grinning:

Great listen Daniel. Interesting to hear about all the gadgets the intercounty referees have and the help they get and still make mistakes. have to feel for the club referee out there on his own trying to track time on an old casio. Can only imagine trying to call the new rules when most pitches at junior level aren’t even lined and the linesman is the opposition manager or sub.

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I think it’s more down to Leinster than Meath. The provincial council put a lot of work into this area.

Yeah, I ended up going to a Leinster GAA Ref course a couple of years back and was very impressed with former Meath player Donal Smyth, who has since gone on to become the GAA’s national match officials manager.

Hopefully Dublin will have referees bursting onto the inter county scene over the next few years. I know Chris Mooney and Sean Stack were on the Christy Ring Cup panels for last year so hopefully they can progress. Wouldn’t mind seeing a football ref or two as well.

I know there’s been great work done by the county board recently with a lot of good young referees coming through too. They should definitely be encouraged to keep it up and progress!

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Barry T is there or thereabouts.

He is on the National League panel and the linesman championship panel. Knocking on the door of the championship refereeing panel.

He needs to get rid of them umpires! :grin:

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I agree :grin:
Defo what is holding him back!

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Good ref and seems like a nice lad too

That last step is the hardest one to make…

Does he have a cuppa at the drinks break?

Barry is a well equipped ref. The referee committee in Dublin have an awful habit in years gone by of settling for “having lads on the panel”. They need to mix it up with politics of promoting our elite lads whilst keeping the refs out of the very same politics. Most counties do it, some have no shame in doing it.

Any truth that there is a mass exodus in terms of referees, including some high profile names in Dublin GAA?

Joe McQuillian, David Gough?

Siht stirring here too ?

Are they reffing in America for the summer?