Club’s greatest players to play County

Scrolling through Twitter this evening and saw Con O’Callaghan with a winning speech (as Gaeilge!) for Captain of the Cuala footballers today. And yesterday was 13 years since Mick Holden had passed.

It made me think which one of them would be Cuala’s greatest player to play inter county? Would it be Mick for sentimentality and the fact that Con could still do so much? Or would it be someone else?

Conal Keaney is a name that comes to mind for Boden.

Either of the Rocks for Ballymun? Paddy Christie? John or James McCarthy?

Brogans and OPER?
Vincents and Heffo? Dermo? Mossy?

So what players are best of the best for the club? Must have played inter county and you can take their club and county achievements into account.

Definitely mossy for me

Surely its Heffo for St Vincents. 15 DSFC, 6 DSHC & 1 AI & thats before you get his time as manager

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Has to be Paul Curran for Thomas Davis…

Siobhan Mc Grath a close 2nd!!!


Can he be nominated for Crokes as well, Davy Foran up there to?

how long was Curran’r with crokes for when he jumped ship from Davis’s

Good luck choosing between the two Brians at Raheny.

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Fenton miles ahead at the moment, I’d probably still have David Hickey & Whelan ahead of Howard for Raheny, but purely by virtue of how young he is

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A year or two.

David Hickey you mean?

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Brian Mullins? Keaveney? So many to choose from.

Its a matter of when, not if, Aldo will see this thread and inform us that the answer for Ballymun is James McCarthy

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Really ?

Seanie Johnston Coil Dùbh hurler, went on to a lavish career at county football.


Mossy Quinn. Perhaps one of the great club players, if not a county great.

his name went up in lights in kildare and someone pulled the plug :joy:

Kevin Moran.

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Johnny Cooper is probably ahead of Dessie for Na Fianna.

Joey Towell