Club senior championship

Group A
Davis v Clannag
Cuala v Brigids
K Crokes bye

Group B
Boden v Syls
NaFianna v FoxCab
Clontarf bye

When are champo games starting ?

Crokes and Cuala and Foxcab and NF to qualify

ive seen them all T/Davis gone down a little last couple of seasons wouldnt argue with your 4 selections but id add an outside bet on clontarf.

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They really need to start seeding this draw, 3 semi finalists from last year in one group, group B is a lot stronger

I am not sure. I rhink Davis might shade it for the second spot in group A. I agree with FCab and Na Fianna who will have too much for Boden or Tarf. Boden had a good victory over FCab in the league recently. Its a tough group again this year. Something to said said for seeding

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sure you couldnt be seeding thats what Dublin GAA do.

madness not to be seeded, at least finalists should be on opposite sides

Second weds in Aug