Club teams looking for new managers (Hurling)

I know there is one of these for football so just throwing one up for hurling.

Erin’s Isle GAA club is seeking applications for the position of Senior Hurling manager for the 2023 season. Interested candidates are asked to send a declaration of interest outlining any information they feel is relevant to obtain the position. The closing date for all applications is Friday the 28th of October.Applications to be emailed to


Seems like its that time of year again :grinning:

Cumann Baire Setanta are now seeking applications for the position of a Senior Hurling Manager/Coach for the AHL2 team. The team has had a successful couple of years where in 2021/22 they won the Dublin AHL Division 3 title back to back, thus gaining promotion to AHL Division 2 , with the team also competing in the Dublin Senior 3 Hurling Championship for the upcoming 2023 season.
The initial term of the position is for 2 years subject to an annual review by the Club Executive Officers.Expressions of interest for this position are now invited to be submitted by email to our Club Secretary.

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DM sent to both of you with my full CV and track record

In brief I have 5+ years talking shite on Ressers and will assemble a backroom team of country mullackers looking for free dinners and the likes


Surely you could manage both with the Ressers experience alone :joy:


Thanks for your input and i’m sure both clubs will value your sincere enthusiasm but we’re looking for managers not a piss artist.Application rejected

I dont think id let anyone on this wipe my arse after a 3 day stag never mind manage my club. No offence to anyone :joy:

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