Club teams looking for new managers (Hurling)

If anything the split season will allow a higher volume of top coaches get involved with the clubs. Can only be good for the standard of club hurling here. If you can afford them of course, which a lot of clubs can.

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For outside managers if the cash is right it definitely will

That’s Vinnies 4th different management team in 4 years, that would raise alarm bells for me and maybe Giller is the man to stabilise the group.
I can’t see them doing anything and at best they are the 5th best side at a push.

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He will get some more out of them

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Only if they buy in to it, might not be an appetite for double sessions for a team with at best an outside chance at a final depending on the draw

You’d expect he would and with the Mulcahy’s they might have a few scoring forwards something they’ve lacked in recent years other then hedgo. Still not as much talent as NaFianna / Crokes imo but be interesting to see if he can get them closer. Good minor team recently hadn’t they?

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I’d avoid kk lads like the plague

Fogarty? I know he did a few sessions with them last year.

Charlie carter over lucan

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Nathan’s brother?


Well seems it’s Charlie, I guess that means we won’t be seeing Cody anywhere Lucan


Charlie Carter

Didn’t know Charlie was on the circuit. Who has he managed before?

He was part of St Martins management team when they won their last 2 county titles

When did st martins last win a county?

He’ll need very good lads around him.


That’s a hell of a lot of lads around him !!

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