Club teams looking for New Managers

Its that time of year again. Thought it might be useful to create a forum for clubs to advertise management roles they are trying to fill. Can also let people looking for roles advertise their interest too.

Hope people find it useful!

Judes on the hunt…

I believe Dessie has taken the NaF senior football job. That should be very interesting.

I know where you’re going on that but I think he’ll do a good job with the players he has. He’s a proven top manager - But will tell whether he looks beyond his squad for players !

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I believe his remit is to develop what he has.
I believe Sylvesters also on the lookout!

No surprise that Syls on look out. A lot cheaper ways to get relegated to afl2.

If they want to win 3 or 4 Dublin titles in the next few years they’ll have to get a few lads in.

Who Na Fianna or Syls :wink:?

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Raheny :wink:

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I know this will bite me in the ass now I’ve said it!!! :smile:

I thought he managed the Dublin u21s very well overall in his spell doing that job . The 2017 all Ireland in particular was a fine and timely win given that the same crop had very moderate success at minor . His team in 2016 came close also with unfancied group of players . Farrell usually has his teams in contention for honours . Time will tell if he’ll replicate it at club level or other levels

That’s far from what you said “a proven top manager” though.

There’s a big difference between minor and under 21 and then senior again. many brilliant minor teams have gone on to do feck all, ditto 21’s teams.

I like Dessie, I wish him well, just not convinced by him really!

It didn’t do Gavin any harm working himself into a top manager by solely managing successful u21 teams .

Absolutely correct. But he’s still not a proven top manager. Can you not see that?

As I said, I wish him well, but I disagree with your sentiment 100%

Winning two all Ireland u21’s is good enough for me to be considered ‘top’ relative to what I see out there in Dublin but this is all subjective and we’re allowed to disagree !!

He’s a top manager in terms of club level it must be said given his CV. Now, is he a good manager? That’s the question

I think Mick Galvin will be involved too - which would be good

is he proven ?

In fairness that was as much to do with our forwards show-boating looking for the perfect score as anything else. If we had have kept clipping over the scores the late goal would have made no difference. Perhaps Farrell should have taken one or two of them off to try stop that, but it can be very hard to change a teams mindset midway through a half of football, especially with young lads.

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agreed, I am not sure what standard folk expect at club level if Dessie isn’t considered top rank as club teams go. Jimmy McGuiness , Jack O’Connor maybe??!

A good appointment for Na Fianna in my view. be interesting to see how he gets on