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Is there any way to get a transfer approved to move to a club outside my parish? (were I live and work also).

Feel like I’m not getting a fair crack at he whip in my own club for various reasons.
Have always loved playing football and hurling but I feel like I’m falling out of love with it due to my club set up. Don’t want to go into too much detail for obvious reasons.

Any help?

You can only transfer within the transfer season, which lasts seven days and will be announced by the county board towards the end of the year.

If your club are happy for you to go there is no problem. If not you may seek a hearing and the committee will decide to either allow you to transfer or not. Where you live and work is an argument you can make but it is no certainty to succeed.

There is no parish rule in Dublin.

I understand that I must wait until the transfer season opens. Didn’t realize there was no parish rule in Dublin!

Thanks for reply

If your club say no you simply wont get it. The hearing part is pointless IMO. Unless there’s some outrageous circumstance.

Is there any update on when this transfer season begins ?

I thought Mick Deegan junior transferred to Castleknock from Ashbourne months back? Did it not go through??

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I thought Mick Deegan junior transferred to Castleknock from Ashbourne months back? Did it not go through??
[/quote]Played in the Meath county final for Donaghmore/Ashbourne so I guess not.

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May still have though. There is a rule that you can finish out championships with your club. There is depending scenarios though.

Ah of course, it’s an intercounty transfer. D’oh!

If one hasn’t played for a full year do you become a free agent or do you still need to get a transfer approved within the official time frame.

I will be moving house soon and will have to sacrifice the motor so will not be able to keep up the football with my club.

No parish rule in Dublin and the one year thing is long gone.

You must get a transfer.

Many thanks Al

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Can anyone tell me when this transfer season is opening?

1st to 8th December I believe. Check it out with your new club or County board.

A Chara
The Annual Transfer season will Open on Thursday 1st December 2016 and will close at 5.30pm Sharp on Thursday 8th 2016

When are the clubs notified of transfers? Yesterday was the deadline.

Any big moves among the senior ranks? Seems rather quiet this year, Parkinson is said to be gutted

Sure isn’t Reservoir Dubs where he comes for all his Dublin GAA gossip!

Inter county can happen all year round so there could be a few still.

Has the list of transfers been emailed to clubs yet? Thought list would have been out by now.