Clubs with unfair reputations

I had this topic in mind but wasn’t sure to go with it, but reading the reports on the county final swung it for me!

What clubs in Dublin have unfair reputations, and not just in a bad way, what clubs have good reps which maybe undeserved?

This can’t end well.


Absolutely ridiculous thread IMO , can only go 1 way.

:joy::joy::joy: oh where do ya start.

Come on James live a little :smile:

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Ah no lads genuinely if ye think it’ll be a nightmare lock it up

I think the eighth amendment could lead to more agreement than this! For example, I know that the Barrs are sick of being called posh softies and a push-over at the Bogies, and that’s only for starters!:rofl:


Ha ha!!

Did you not get the memo? D7 is the new D4 :joy:


Celtic, and Rangers…

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Can of worms

Oíche mhaith

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