Cluiche Ceannais na Sraithe Allianz, Roinn a 2: Áth Cliath in éadan Doire, Domhnach 2/4/23, 13:45 Páirc an Chrócaigh

no goals should be the mission for this one. it can’t be that hard to give the keeper a bit of protection, especially when the opposition only have 2 or 3 forwards. time to start testing systems under live conditions while we have the chance. we mightn’t get another for a couple of months. please tell me there are definite targets for every league game we play.


Derry don’t travel well.

not surprised with the road’s up there , their fuckin shite



I mean A5.


I’ve a feelin they’ll really go for this to prove that victory a few weeks ago wasn’t just a fluke, they haven’t a really big squad of top class players so they’ll have to be careful with injuries

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1.45 throw in.


that absolute pasting we gave them in a league final (i think) in croker a few years back, that has to be in the back of their minds too.

off monday, ouch!

If I was in Mayo’s boots I wouldn’t put out any of the team expected to play on Sunday week against the Rossies. It would be an awful shame to lose players through injury for what amounts to an exhibition game.


Our last proper test before the All Ireland series. Expect us to step it up a notch and win.


Cluxton to score the winning goal.

Hopefully not for Derry!


Gallagher goes full tilt for every game even last week with nothing to play for. Crazy it will catch up

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the pitch will be like a skate’n rink with santy’s little helper and his golliers, the lad’s better wear the right studs

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Didnt go full tilt v Cork. Made several changes and team got week off training last week prior to Cork trip.

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All the big players still played a part. McKaigue brought on then went off again. Not need for them to be even part of it

True enough but apparently Gallagher only has 28 in his panel.

Just the way he operates more than 28 footballers in Derry

When are most squads heading off on their warm weather training camps?

i heard their just gonna do the sunbeds and do normal trainin in st clairs instead


Prob more expensive these days with the cost of electricity :see_no_evil: