So who will win between Donald and Hillary? Probably the worst candidates that each party has ever put forward. I’d be fairly certain that whoever wins will NOT be re-elected in four years time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the winner has to resign, even, within their term due to a scandal (Clinton’s emails… Trump’s tax affairs).

Well two unpopular candidates and a poisonous campaign to boot . American politics is rotton but you would have to think Hilary is the lesser of two evils . Of course some may disagree . I just can’t take Trump seriously tbh and some of the stuff he comes out with are off the scale . I don’t ever remember there been this much mud slinging in a campaign to date , maybe because I wasn’t paying as much attention to it in the past or social media didn’t play such a part as it does today .
If Trump is elected its scary to imagine what path America will take in the future considering his policies on immigration, gun control & tackling ISIS .
@ProudDub would probably have the best reflection on this , I’d say she is happy she is back home .

Think Hilary will shade it if she can make it through the next couple of days. Both terrible candidates but then again they had George bush jnr so that says it all.

Can’t fooking stand trump, he’s an arsehole. Clinton might not be popular but at least she has a brain. He’s just a vulgar gobshite

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Living in one of the swing states and don’t have a vote (which is fine by me). Sick to death of the 18 months of crap leading up to this election. Can’t wait for it to be over.

I still think if you put Trump’s pudgy boorishness together with Hillary’s insider scheming you would get our own Brian Cowen. Biffo for the White House! :slight_smile:

Trump will be keeping an eye out for you if he gets into power :joy:

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I’m grand … he only hates Mexicans :wink: Ted Cruz did have a go at the Irish when he was trying to out do Trump.

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Fucking Cubans , what did he say exactly ?

That Trump is still in contention shows how poor a candidate Clinton is. Two utter shitebags. And their respective partners are prizes too.

Whoever wins, this election has revealed the absolute rancid state of American politics. The constant appeal to the lowest denominator has reached its nadir. Delighted for them, a vile vacuous kip.


I hear you’re a 3%er now.

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Nothing bates a secure compound and a 100 year supply of canned tuna :slight_smile:

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You wouldn’t throw the leg over Melania, just for divilment?

I suppose, for divilment, if he won the election.

There was a great meme doing the rounds for her tweeting - ‘I am not Caitlyn Jenner’.

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Throw in GAAGO and you’re all set until Judgement Day…

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Agreed. Can’t think of one positive or nice word to suitably describe Trump.

get the trump facts.

i betcha hilary is air thrumpin now.

‘Rigged’. - Trump.

That arsewipe said the tv awards were rigged when the feckin apprentice didn’t win.

His ego cannot accept it.