Can they change candidate at this stage? If so until when.

I don’t think the republican party can as he has won all their primaries. Whether they see a third party or independent as one to throw their weight behind is different but worthless in reality

Would they try and nominate an “independent” in addition to Trump and Biden, purely to try and win votes from Biden?

Could also take votes from trump. Trump seemed to have a strategy of splitting the democrat vote by Continuously stating that they were trying to screw sanders out of the nomination. Sanders endorsing Biden scuppered that and for now the democrats look united. I can’t remember for definite but I don’t think sanders endorsed Clinton in 2016 and that was a lot more divisise primary campaign

Could take votes from Trump, yes - but I feel he has to try something drastic at this stage. Start a war?

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Potentially his last option. The economy will presumably take more than four months to recover and a second spike is already occurring in the coronavirus. The BLM protests seem to have galvanised the black community and they are trying to direct that anger and protest into actual votes.

I really don’t think this is a second spike. It is the first wave still running amok because of Trump’s gross negligence and incompetence.


Not that it matters much now, but Sanders did endorse Clinton in 2016.

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Yes for sure

That’s why I went with spike instead of wave. Its moronic the gop governers going ahead and opening up. Its the equivalent of if we had opened back up in May when cases were still in the hundreds every day


Venezuela maybe,and if that’s too daunting, Greneda is always a handy, no risk option.

But that’s cause they are testing so much :roll_eyes: the most beautiful testing the world has ever seen. RIP to the dead…it’s a scandal…there are no words.

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Things going well in Florida I see…

13% positive test rate. Jesus.

Young people counting for a lot of those new cases in the US.

I am wondering is much of this due to obesity? Poor people who can only afford crap food?

Well documented how shite food was pushed on schoolkids from vending machines from 70’s, 80’s on


The more we realise how many inbred yokels live in that kip, the more I wonder how it ever became cast as a beacon for anything. The American dream is a lie.

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