Fake news!!! Oh wait no, never mind you’re right.

Stop and frisk was proven to be targeted at Hispanic and African Americans as they were stopped a multiple of time’s more than their white counterparts, as proven in front of a judge, who then decided it was an unconstitutional policy.

It was also not nearly as effective as people like to make out, correlation ≠ causation. Crime is not rising since it was stopped.

Would any one on here really be ok with the Guards having free reign to stop you on the side of the road and pat you down whenever they felt like it?

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Once she did it tastefully I wouldn’t mind tbh

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Would fully support stop and frisk if the guards committed to having 50% female gardai. Once every twice aren’t the worst odds.


Think there’s a couple of Polish female Gardai now.:smirk:


Good Christ

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Ironically I assume illegals have worked at trump hotels in manhattan…?

NYC has many many illegals or undocumented citizens who contribute to the city…it’s not like here, over there you gotta work and work bloody hard to earn a living.

So it’s exactly the same as here then??? Could you please explain to me how any illegal immigrant could possibly come here and live off benefits, considering the fact they would be, you know, illegal?

And unlike over there you’re not fucked if you get sick.

If god forbid I ever had to leave Ireland for work. The US wouldn’t be anywhere near top of the list

What I mean is there are very little handouts in the US…illegal or otherwise.

If you were offered a great paying job with health insurance and your young free and single I bet you would. I know plenty out there and loving life.

All well and good until you get sick or are in a bad accident and the Insurance company find a way of dropping you.

You have an answer for everything…that’s not the norm…now away to google with you to find me a case of where that has happened.

That was easy

I was giving the example of young educated Irish people getting jobs in America either by transfer or offered a job…I’ve never heard a case where they were denied medical insurance…America is still a great country to experience, to live and work in…provided you have good employment.

You asked for proof of insurance companies not covering sick people, I gave you an article which proves it.

You wouldn’t be allowed near the place with all the stick you give poor Donny here.


Another reason why I wouldn’t be heading anyway :grin::grin:

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You talk an awful lot of unintelligent, cuclhie ‘In awe of Uncle Sam’ bollocks, and when you get called on it, you don’t like it.

You don’t like it either…I made a point earlier and it was hit back in a way the debate moved…happens all the time but sure what harm.

As for Uncle Sam dollars…yes I’m grateful for US companies operating here (the one I work for has over 25,000 employees worldwide) Irish head office is actually in Dublin and employees about 180 people in this country.