Cluxton only current dub to make all time 15

Found this in the ‘archives’ ,so what the hell ,lets tease out Breheny’s l’ogic ’

Yet another culchie clickbait piece from Senor Breheny designed for the hater market.

He knows his audience!


Martin could write an article about how many past or present players would get into the Dublin 5 in a row team. He could also just fcuk off.


Can’t remember but were Mullins or Hanahoe on the all-time list? I don’t think they were. I think Heffo remains the only Dub is that right? I often wondered how Martin O’Connell is in that list but Paul Curran barely gets a mention. Marti was a great player but he also had a great team around him.
I think most of the players in the All-time list were part of great, very successful teams, or am I just creating an angle based on my own prejudice? Because I always wondered how one of Mullins or Hanahoe didn’t make it
Jack Mac Flash is probably a better all-round player than O’Connell but because of that he often finds his defensive abilities questioned.

They (quite who, I do not know) compiled an all-time greatest team in the centenary year (1984) - Heffo was the only Dublin player in it.

Here you go, looks like rose tinted goggles were in widespread use in that poll

It’s to this one that I was referring:

Very similar teams.

Sure Kerry were the only county with truly great players dontcha know. The others might get a look in now and then. Galway for example, they’re acceptable, proper footballers n dat.