Don’t want this getting buried in another 5k post thread and feel it deserves its own thread.

Congratulations Stevo on breaking the record for the most amount of championship apperances.

The greatest goalkeeper there ever was. A gentleman, a perfectionist and a fantastic leader.


Good call.

I wonder will he stick around for a while yet. The most influential player to play the game in my life time and perhaps ever.

Quite possibly the biggest legend ever to wear the Dublin jersey.


An absolute legend and our most important player! He’s in good enough physical shape to play on for another 2 years. But we have to remember he’ll be 36 this year and I suppose he’ll have to hand over the torch someday soon.

If we get to the Final and he stays another two years he will likely break the 100 Championship appearances. That would be phenomenal … and fitting.


Now that would be a serious serious achievement. Cluxton looks like he is built from granite

That kick in 2011. I cried for days after!!!

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Where did he get you?


Right in the heart!


If we get 3 in a row there must be huge temptation to stay on ,I HOPE !!

The most influential player in the past 15 year. The greatest goalkeeper we have ever had and gave me the greatest moment i have ever had in GAA in 2011. I hope he goes on until he is 40.

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Ya were’nt the only one crying for days… all those poor Kerry folk.

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I think he might continue til he is 40, he looks after himself, is in great shape and seems to enjoy it. No reason atall that he wont go on.

He made two really good saves yesterday and we lost one kick out. He looks fit and still has an appetite for it from all accounts.
Quite simply the greatest goalkeeper and possibly most influential player there has ever been.
I can think of no other player who the opposition have had to tactically analyze and prepare for as much as him.

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I really hope he does stay on. Would be interesting to know if himself and Cavanagh have this in the back of their minds when thinking about hanging up their boots.

His best moment was when he said he was retiring after 2015. Ha, good one Steveo!

He’s so good the GAA are in the process of introducing a second rule to try stop him. :laughing:

Some kick alright to hit you in the heart - such a small target and all…

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No - Rochey has a big heart …,