Coaching matters and volunteering opportunities

For Dubs like myself in exile who have spent years giving our time to local clubs outside Dublin and would now like a new challenge and an opportunity to re-connect to the Dublin GAA scene by getting involved with a Dublin club who might be looking for new coaches/volunteers…maybe I’m alone in thinking like this?

Setanta would be glad of your input, I’d imagine!

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I’m also sure there’s lots of others who have maybe moved to Dublin who might also be looking to get involved with clubs but just need a nudge in the right direction - feel free to post any opportunities, coaching or otherwise.

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As we’re continuing to expand and develop the juvenile hurling in particular, we would always welcome experienced coaches in this regard (after the usual vetting and confirmation of certification etc!) :+1:

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Personally I’d be more interested in footballing opportunities but thanks for posting this which I’m sure would be of help to anybody interested in hurling opportunities.

Dublin Senior Footballers 2022 season? The 1 in a row!

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Dublin don’t do “1 in a row” anymore, it might not even be 2022 but don’t worry when they’re back, they’ll be fired up to stay there for another few years!

I believe this thread may soon be of interest to one P. Keane from Co. Kerry :thinking:


We are a small rural club, 150 kids and one primary school.

We have been offered a Games Promotion Officer (GPO) for 10-15 hours a week. At least half of their time would be spent at the school where we already have a pretty close link up. We are doing well on recruitment and have a vibrant nursery, so it seems to me that we are maybe going to end up providing a free resource to the school will little real benefit to the club.

Does anybody have experience of how a GPO works in a similar situation and what other benefits they bring directly to a club?

Or would we be better off spending the money directly on more tightly focussed initiatives such as S&C for youth players or developing coaches.

GPO work well in supporting existing club mentors. Doing courses, setting up a correct nursery and showing best practice. They are not a silver bullet, they need to be supported to get the most out of them.

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Not being funny here but if that is the general feeling in the club then maybe a GPO is not for you. They are meant to be a resource for schools so as to attract members to your club.


Nothing wrong with providing a service to your local primary school in your clubs area.

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The concept of the GPO is to bring the Club to people who wouldn’t normally go to the Club and hopefully get them involved while at the same time working with existing Club coaches to upskill them, Clubs tend to make the mistake of putting their GPO coaching a few teams which never makes the impact they are capable of

[quote=“Clubber, post:13, topic:7967”]
The concept of the GPO is to bring the Club to people who wouldn’t normally go to the Club and hopefully get them involved [/quote]

No no no - it’s to creat a super race of footballers who will win the All Ireland for ever.


We’re not meant to say that out loud!!! But we all know what i said was code for what you said

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