Coddle - how do you like yours?

Good suggestion from @DUB09. I think there might off been a similar thread on the old site. So Coddle how do you like yours? Traditional or additional items thrown in. Cant beat a coddle with superquinn sausages. ■■■■ me no.

Ah lads, lets all just leave it there. Fucking January. Makes forums into minefields. ya need to clam down and eat a nice bowl of this.

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Now that is a top notch coddle, couple of slices of black crusted batch with plenty of butter and a pot of tea, the best part of winter.


Agree… batch bread with Coddle. Made in heaven.

Hold on a second, someone fried those sausages before boiling. . .


Guilty of that myself. Fry the sausages first.

Think the frying the sausages first is a generation thing, my mother never did but myself and siblings do.

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Yeah its a tough one. For me it fucks up the taste. But from an aesthetic its probably more pleasing to the eye.

Oh. Phew. I’m glad its not just me.



Yesssssssssss !!!

A thousand times yes !

(Said in Meg Ryan voice.)

The sausages are fine, the carrots can fcuk right off though.


No amount of coddle could make me feel better after reading his puns .

Yer one hard woman to please. ffs. no one gets left behind even the carrots.:grin:

You prefer asparagus?

" Asparagus" :joy::joy::joy::joy:

2/10, needs more Lentils for volume.

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… and quinoa for fibre.

And maybe slice the sausage so they look like little white puddings and use those diced bacon bits… I will like ■■■■. There will no lentils though, none even though I appreciate the fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins they bring.

Correct, Lentils are for Hippy Southsiders, and have no place in a Coddle.

Also, Tea? FFS, Bottle of Stout, from the Shelf, none of yer fancy Fridge business, or CO2 injection.

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I like a good cup of tea. To be fair the lentils night not be a bad shout on occasion. I do have an uncle who swears by his ‘brown’ coddle. I must mention lentils to get his thoughts on it.