Coddle - how do you like yours?

Nothing says ‘You’re in Ireland’ more than walking into a hotel down in the Colonies and the bang of boiled cabbage (from the Carvery) hits you before you even reach Reception. Doesn’t matter how much marble, mahogany or chrome is in their trés swish lobby…L’Eau de Cabáiste always lingers in the air ! :nauseated_face:

Artesanally and individually mashed by foot. Sweaty socked foot.

Super Valu in Killester have Coddle on a few times a week.
Just the basics of carrots, spuds, onions, gentle serving of herbs, proper bacon and loads of boiled mickeys.
At €2.35 a pot of it you can’t go wrong for the lunch of a Thursday.


That sounds like excellent value.
How much would Roman be paying for a similar portion in Nolan’s?

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I was trying to eat my lunch and you post that. I ve gone right off you @TheParish. Coddle yuk x 100.

You must be a culchie or worse still a Southsider :kissing_heart:


looks good! BTW has anyone ever done a coddle in a King Pro pressure cooker?

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looks majestic the more i look at it


I m mainly just a man opposed to gastronomicide .( not sure that’s a word but it is now!)


Tried it in slow cooker thing once. Didnt work out well.

No way. Wherez abouts in the shop do they sell that? Have never seen it there.

Or in M&S? Great British Coddle

Will give it a go in the multi-cooker yoke, it makes good stews and soups. But I’ve no idea how the mickeys will respond. Watch this space

will someone please think of the mickeys

Healy-Rae never stops, truth be told.

Is this going to end up in Sundays paper? Woman arrested in Londis for swinging punches over a coodle

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The widows memories

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Wars have started over less !

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There’s always 2 soup kettles in the middle of the the first isle just before the butchers counter.
One is usually soup and the other could be Coddle, Beef Stew, Chicken & Sweetcorn etc.
They sell two slices of soda bread with it too.

Highly recommend the coddle and stew.

Ah right. Cheers. Am rarely there at lunch time or wudda seen them.