Coddle - how do you like yours?

I have a vision of a load of weird/shady characters in there over the next week or two. Everyone saying RD I never heard of it, what’s that



Anyone in Tralee, find The Little Cheese Shop, formerly of Dingle.
Decent bucket of soup/stew. Anyone’s guess. No mate. With two chunks of bread spread with who knows what. Was €5.50. Now €6.

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Tripe was always a favorite in the Granny’s Coddle, made with milk.

The soup dragon on capel street, not sure if it’s still going , was a good spot in the early years of the century.

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Coddle? Twaddle. EEE Yuck! Not for this pilgrim. It’s hard for me to imagine anything more unappetizing. Boiled sausages?? Boiled shite. Yis are welcome to it.

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Never had it. Is it just a Dublin thing? It’s a bit like the Americans and corned beef and cabbage…nobody here eats that.

dead to me.

greatest of dishes. give it a whirl if you ever come across it. has to be consumed with fresh batch bread and proper butter.

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If they fed it to your lads at half time on AI Sunday, you’d have 3 of them by now.


Don’t eat to much of it though… you might end up a bar stool expert…! :laughing: :wink:

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Or a bar bathroom pot stool expert…

Mystified how anyone eats this shite still

I’ll get my coat

get your coat pal. And run. fast.


Ah here…

Talk to the Granny…

You will if you eat it!

Once its white I’ll allow anything in. I prefer it nice and simple with Spuds, bacon and sausages and a batch loaf and a barrel of salt. Brown coddles can ■■■■ right off!


nah… never had that problem after a coddle

Might ask the Ma is she puttin on some of her tasty lentil coddle for Mothers Day. Nyom

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