Coddle - how do you like yours?

I will if i can hide behind you.

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Gravediggers Glasnevin Dub Ire shared a post on Instagram: "It was so wonderful that @johntorodecooks & @talent4media included @kavanaghciaran & the humble #Coddle #dublincoddle in their show about #Ireland & her #foodheroes on Discovery...

Fcuking Greystones. It has a cricket club, rugby club and pair of tits in dry robes. John can have it.

Huh …

The next episode…

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Yer man went into the Diggers for a coddle making lesson, didn’t he? Had the telly on in the background, but didn’t get to see the finished product. Anything decent, or are we talking firing squad at dawn material?

I thought that was a link I posted :roll_eyes:.

Check out Gravediggers2 on Insta.

No, it’s just a picture of JT, no link.

Here ya go. If ya want some investigating and detectiving done, ask a Psych-Oh…


Ah come on grandad! Who is that guy anyway?

Ciarán Kavanagh. He runs the food on the lounge side

I can’t wait for the episode with Rachel Allen. She’s sure to provide some relief after the the Happy Tits in episode 2.

Oh I know him, I meant the dude in the yellow…
some BBC chap?

Not an egg to be seen in that “coddle”

Some foodie.

John Torode. Australian chap.

Is she still married?
If so, does she check her husband’s internet history?

Her father in laws is it not?

John Torode is a chef, restraunteur, and one of the two presenters and main judges on the BBC MasterChef series for about the last 20 years. Very highly regarded in his influence on the culture of food & cooking, in the vanguard of the modern revolution and popularity of same.

The rumour was that the father-in-law took the hit for his son.

Torode also very big into Korean cuisine.
My wife loves a big fan of TV food shows and of Torode.