Coddle - how do you like yours?

No onions or carrots?

Or eggs

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Go way outta that ye mad yoke

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Whatever happened to Harry’s Tiles?

Wait til you see the whites of his eyes

Defo no carrots. I can’t stand the taste of boiled carrots.
There wasn’t onions this time but normally there would be. Actually surprised now that there isnt.

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No idea. Why should I?
Unless he’s buried beneath the floor boards with the rest of the Ressers that pissed me off. I lose track of them all sometimes…

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Coddle :nauseated_face:

Looks like brutal mickeys used, skin falling off and mickeys falling apart. Other than that, looks delish, love the lumps of ham!

Not sure about this one either Whatever, only 2 mickeys and 1/2 bacon? I know you look after yourself, but splash out when having the coddle man, at least 6 boiled mickeys per serving!

Superquinn sausages cut into bit size portions so hence skin coming off.

Well at least you know where you made the mistake then…

No mistake in my book. It makes for ease of eating. It’s all about planning and prep.

Ah no. Leave them whole. Too much skin falling off if you cut them up. You don’t want the bowl looking like you’re a Rabbi on his way to the next circumcision Bris.

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Naturally The Big Fella is a fan of a good coddle.

That’s some amount of Mickey’s in a bowl!
More than enough in that portion for me

Philly McMahon on Virgin Media’s The Restaurant this evening serving a coddle.

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good man philly!

Too much parsley & the pink thing looks like a dead, skinned rat. Too much fat/grizzle on it also.

Sorry Phily. :smirk:


Is that an igg or an union?