Coddle - how do you like yours?

Looks shocking. Trying to get it here on catch up but its not working. Not too bothered really seeing that picture

Yer man in the Waldo glasses pulling the score away from Philly was a brave move.

Philly looked like he was thinking “I could pull your head off, and lob it into a skip from 40 meters - with either foot.”

sister in law made this fucking majestic


That looks the part for the cold aul day in it.

I’d post a picture of mine, but I fear it would start a civil war from which the Cabal might never recover.

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post away we is all gods children now

I hate to tell you but your sister in law can’t stand you . Coddle jaysus……

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Perfect day for it

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that maybe the case - but she loves her coddle

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This thread should be closed.

only the cabal can decide that


Probably gave it to the cat.

The caboddle

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■■■■ that - be wasted on the cat. Though sometimes some cats needs a boot in the hole for them to get their priorities right.

Too many carrots, but I’d still give that a solid B+

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high praise. divine

Note. I took extra sausages and carrots. Got called a greedy fat ■■■■ by my bother but it was worth it.

It’s every man for himself when it comes to good coddle.

indeed. I had this with very fresh vienna roll. felt very cosmopolitan. normally it’s batch bread that’s so thick it would insulate a gaff. but it was fresh vienna roll from mannings, crusty crust. ■■■■ me i thought i’d died and gone to heaven. then i had a near digging match over the best dublin jersey. brothers yiu got to love them.

You were oh so close to an A+++ until you let the cat out of the bag that it wasn’t a Superquin Vienna roll.


Mannings is decent it must be said (in the best Martin Carney voice)

But we all know the secret sauce to this is real butter. I can’t type its name as its not in my DNA.