Coddle - how do you like yours?

Very partial to a daycent Vienna Roll me. Would get it for a Special Occasion back in the bedsit days. Such as an occasion where I’d light the fire and have half a bottle of Banrock Station with me cheese n chutney. Yum

That time of year alright! :yum:

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very nice!

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God give me strength ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No lentils in that love!

Looks like barley to moi.

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Lentils are green, violets are blue, can’t think how, it’s different for you?

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Indeed. The finest Shamrock Pearl Barley no less. An essential, and mildly* purgative, aid to inner cleanliness in the dying days of the festive season.



I will never understand the fascination with Coddle. It looks disgusting and totally unappetizing. Don’t get me wrong I love all of the ingredients but boiled??? Yecch. If you want sausages and rashers have a good oul fry up or even grill them but boiled? Forget about it.


each to their own daddyo
each to their own.

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Barley. Lentils. Tofu. Cornflakes.

None of these belong in a coddle.


You’re Welcome. :crazy_face:

Sure what else would you expect from some Hillcrest toff masquerading as a sound son of da 'Mun !



This, by ten thousand

Grand. You’re out of the Coddle Cabal too then so.

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Hillcrest was a farm of land when I was a child.

Hillcrest, the Howth of Glasnevin.

A blessed relief.

Even worse…you’re a culchie !

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don’t expect a kerryman to understand the wonders of coddle. :sunglasses: