Colour clashing

Is it down to referees to sort this out in advance or down to the home team or what?

Seen some bad ones in my time. Most recently Boden v Finbarrs in an IFC quarter final was a joke.

Does my head in!

As per the CCC regulations.

16 In the event of a colour clash both teams shall wear their alternate jerseys (unless there is alternate agreement between the concerned clubs). Failure to do so will result in the imposition of a fine of €100 on the offending clubs.

Thats clearly not being enforced though @Dubstep :slight_smile:

Along with plenty of other regs! :grinning:

This one is a particular bugbear of mine though. :smiling_imp:

Thought the official rule would be that both teams should test how their jerseys look when they turn them inside out and the one with the most ‘different’ colour should stay that way.

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I thought it was skins V jerseys ?