Competition Rules - Who qualifies from group?

If you have a championship and there are 2 groups of 4 and the top 2 in each group go in to the Semi Finals and one of the groups finishes as follows:

i.e. 3 from 4 teams level on points, each of the 3 top teams have beaten each other, 2 of the 3 teams have beaten the last team well and really improved their scoring difference but the third team at the top if the group has got a walkover.

A decision has been made on this and I am not saying if it is right or wrong but I was just wondering
what rules indicate who should be classified as first and second? (and if something similar happened in the Men’s game is the rule different?)

In men’s games there would have to be a playoff. For example after a draw to decide who was who team 1 plays team 2. Winner goes through. Loser plays team 3. Winner of that game goes through and loser goes out. You cannot use score difference where there’s been a walkover. Of course the women may have their own rules as they are not governed by the official guide. But that’s what would happen in the men’s game.

What decision was made??

Decision was made on score difference which is not right when one team has not had any opportunity to score as a result of a walkover. It’s happened teams several times over the last number of years for various teams, and really dublinladiesgaelic should come up with a fair solution… All points scored against a team that have conceded should be discounted when considering head to head. And there is an argument that if you concede Championship you’re out, end of story!

Totallly unfair decision. Ridiculous actually.

Would the easiest way to solve the problem not be to discount the scores of the games against the team who gave the walkover. That way this particular group would have finished as follows:

Wanderers - Points scored 53
- Points diff 26

Ballymun - Points scored 52

  • Points diff 23

Man O War - Points scored 25

  • Points diff -2

Therefore with those scores discounted Wanderers would finish top with Ballymun 2nd as per the table. Granted it may not be the fairest way to treat it but it nullifies the score in the game that Man O War couldn’t score in and prevents the county board having to attempt to schedule in a playoff.

That would be ok too. Anything would be better than what they have done, which is beyond belief really.