Conceding games

Clontarf and Ballyboden were both drawn at top of the table in u16 div 1 and there last games were to be played yesterday Boden playing crokes and Clontarf to play Lucan. Late last night crokes found out they couldn’t field a team meaning Clontarf had to win, they ended up drawing meaning Ballyboden won the league on a walkover. Just wondering your opinion on a club the size of crokes who field three teams at u16 conceding games.

No way in hell any big club, in division 1 should be giving walk overs.


They only have 2 teams. But still bad form Any reason given? Think tbey play each other in league hurling final next week.

That’s annoying and very unfair, surely crokes could of put something together’ using 15s I’d say they’d a lot of lads at the rugby

Would it be worth appealing to the county board?

On what grounds though? It’s shocking but it happens…

No. Nothing to appeal. No rule was broken.

But shame on Crokes. That is absoultely disgraceful.


Sure what do you expect, there’s no Silverware on offer for Crokes.
Absolute disgrace, they gave walkover last year in Senior 2 League Hurling playoff to OPER.


They’re a small club, struggling in Cuala’s shadow.


There’s a result posted on hill16 now … KC 1-04 Boden 1-10 … the plot thickens …

Someone said Crokes were not the only team in that Div1 to give a walkover.

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Margaret conceded also, TSS conceded their final u14 D1 match don’t see many other concessions in Div 1.across the ages

Margaret’s aswell I believe but this was mid summer and a much smaller club that were probably trying every u15 they could

Clubs giving walkovers during the summer is something you’d expect to see due to holidays etc. But at the end of the season where it can effect the league title or a promotion is wrong and shows complete disrespect on all fronts.


At the end of league for a club like Crokes to give a walkover is disgraceful. A club that size cant fulfill a fixture in Division 1 beggers belief. I hope they need a favour some day. The result was post to save face. Is that the score you often see when teams concede? That is very unfair on Clontarf.

To show the other side of it I work with a chap from Clann Mhuire and during the summer they travelled to an away game I think against Boden or one of the bigger clubs on south side, I think U/16 and brought 2 U/14s so as not to give a walkover.

When I was on CCC2 that was a regular thing. The small clubs would always field. The bigger ones would complain about holidays/Gaeltacht and anything else going even though they had the resources to field. For far too many of them it was about winning.

Unfortunately they’ve won the battle and the summer break has gotten longer and longer, to the extent where next year clubs may well be able to not field at all in July and August once they get their games played before then.

Not a fan.


Have we established if a walkover was actually given? There’s a score up on

If that score was on DublinGAA, it has now been changed to show KC gave a walkover.

it shows the score when one clicks into the bubble alright but is given as walkover

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Yes it’s been confirmed