Conflict of interest

Hopefully mods approve.
Should a referee who has links to a gaa club, be allowed to referee that club. Im not saying anything untoward has happened but is there a conflict of interest?? By links i mean family playing for that club

I don’t know but in my opinion, common sense should apply - if a son or close relative is playing then the ref should step aside
But if it’s a distant cousin or someone the ref last saw in primary school , I reckon that’s ok
What’s your take on it

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Shouldn’t ref immediate family. Beyond that think it’s probably ok.


I heard of a ref keeping his original club as a ref. And then moving to another area and living there over 15 years or more. His kids and himself are members that club. Then he is reffing that club for years. Madness

Used to happen us on a regular basis when I was involved with our juvenile girls football teams. Frequently got a ref still registered with his original club in town reffing the club his kids played for. Didn’t make a lot of difference at that level or age group but I could imagine it causing problems in adult football.

Does that not mean that he was a member of 2 clubs ?
Wouldn’t even think that’s allowed

Cannot be a member of two clubs.

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That’s what I would think

What happens when a club is only one code? Of course you can be a member of another club if you are a dual player?


I was told he was a member. He has kids and family involved aswell anyway.And is living in that small enough town for a long time. What worse is when you played them he would just stroll in club bar after match and drink pints with the lads you played against!!

Yes. In those circumstances.

You can be a member of as many clubs as you like afaik?

I knew a ref once who was a leading light in St Jude’s and he reffed Dublin in an All Ireland final and gave them even more decisions than Dublin Joe.

Can you not be a (non playing) member of as many clubs as you like?

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Never knew there was a rule. Open to correction. Plenty have non playing or social memberships with different clubs aswell

2 refs I know of that lived in my parish but were members of other clubs. Reffed us regularly at both juvenile and adult, and gave us fcuk all ! Both had kids playing on underage teams but obviously wouldn’t have reffed them

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I have no problem with that. This particular ref absolutely was one sided for the team where he was living. Its well known around north county dublin. Thankfully he retired recently.


Johnny Archibald (RIP) transferred to us from Joey’s when he moved out to Skerries and played for us for a good few years. He transferred back to Joeys who were struggling with numbers and I think was player manager when he finished up playing and started reffing, so he was a Joeys player then. He used to get a good few games in Skerries, but I tell you one thing, he defo didn’t give us a thing, apart from slagging a lot of the older players asking what they were still doing playing…


Not him i am talking about.!

The ref in question hasnt directly reffed family but has done big games involving that club. Fine with league matches but champo No

Can see no real issue with this

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