Confused on rules

What is also clear is the need to tidy up a number of the existing rules in the current rule book. I don’t mean creating new rules, rather provide proper clarity on some of the existing ones. Yesterday’s Hawkeye would be an example as would the ability or otherwise to award a free when the ball is out of play (can it be awarded, can it only be awarded after the restart whistle has been blown, etc). There are numerous others too. Until this is done we rely on an individuals interpretation of the rule and the confusion that ensues thereafter.

Many of these type scenarios have been flagged with CP before but no changes forthcoming!!

similarly to this. I’ve seen refs in the past give a free in instances where the man nearest the freetake jumps to block or try to block the free. Would this not be the same for the sideline. Also, it’s quite possible the frees I’ve seen in the past were for charging down the free as well but ref alway said the player jumped/waved hurl etc.

what is the correct rule on this?

Rule clearly states that you have to keep still, hurl may be raised but not swing around. Retake to be awarded if missed / blocked down.
Similar situation re banging posts or shouting at the free taker.

same for sideline. Buckley (it hink) clear took a jump and swipe at the ball on Saturday. So even if 65 was missed should have been retake. Obviously not guaranteed to nail a sideline but interesting nonetheless

To interfere with a player taking a free puck or sideline puck by jumping up and down, waving hands or hurley, or any other physical or verbal interference considered by the referee to be aimed at distracting the player taking the puck.
A player holding his hands or hurley upright shall not constitute an interference.
PENALTY for the above fouls - Free
puck 13m more advantageous than the
place of original puck - up to opponents’
20m line.

The line ball would have turned into a free 13m more advantageous :wink:

interesting to see refs interpret different rules depending on what stage a game is at. The week previous i think Rock had a retake awarded after a Roscommon player interfered. Wonder would it have been the case if it was a last kick in a 1 point game :grin: doubt it :smiley:

How many times have we seen a 13m free in front of the goal being blocked by someone not on the goal line but still in the small square and a penalty not being awarded!!!

very true, but liken that to when keepers step of the line for penalties. My first reaction to Buckley on Saturday was surely he cant be let do that. The fact he got a touch and nothing awarded just made it worse. Suppose these things happen week in week out, gives us something to have a moan about on a Monday! :slight_smile:

Back to Hawkeye, I could be corrected here but its NOT AUTOMATED like it is in tennis. If the ball goes out in tennis it automatically beeps loud for everyone to hear.

In the gaa theres a Hawkeye person who receives notice from the system that something is untoward.

They then manually contact the ref to communicate that theres an issue. Then they view the path of the ball and manually press the tá or níl button. Wasnt too long ago where the ball was shown on the big screen as passing over for a point, yet someone pressed the wrong button and it came up as níl.

Typical irish/gaa solution to an automatic system to make it manual and open to human error.

Gave one against Roscommon last week for that.

Nobody will ever convince me that the ‘point’ was fully over the bar.

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Valid point @DUB09 it may well have been Hogans hand that broke the connection and set off the alert. The sliotar most certainly has no microchip in it.

I would love to see RTE give it the old goal line technology treatment … but I doubt anybody in D4 knows how to do that. Except Joe Duffy. He knows everything.

That was a set up error, it happened in a hurling game but diameter of object (the ball) was set to a football and not a sliotar so incorrectly signalled a score as a Nil as the system deemed a football did not go between the scoring space whereas the sliotar would have passed between the posts.

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That’s right. How is Hawkeye set up for a sliotar going over the bar? Is it the entire ball has to pass the entire width of the uprights. Or is it the crossbar or both? That ball didn’t appear to fully pass the posts in my opinion.

Sure sure

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Not exactly sure on the set up of it.

All of the ball must cross all of the line. Goalposts and line markings have max/min dimensions.
Hawkeye is not a yes/no goal line technology. The system merely tracks the balls flight. The issue with this one was, technically the balls flight was stopped(by the ball been caught) and intervention was needed to zoom in on the ball to see it crossed the line.
The delay was to check & double check.
If you watch back, the referee blows his whistle as the quick free is taken, nobody else hears his whistle but he did blow with the ball in flight to McGrath before he scored

For the full ball to be over the bar keepers hand would need to be well above it - don’t think it was. I’d love to see goal line technology of the incident - but RTE seem incapable of this. Instead we get Donal Óg and the hangover from British rule … and sweepers.

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