Congratulations Carlow

This was probably mentioned before but I think it deserves a thread of its own. They’ve backed up a great summer for them last year by smashing division 4. Hopefully a couple of years playing in division 3 can improve them that bit more. A breath of fresh air despite everyone using them and leitrim as a case study to have a go at us and our resources. I know off the ball is very taboo on here but there’s a great interview with Stephen Poacher on it from the other day. Fair play to them.


Looks like they have restored pride in the jersey , they would have had good club sides over the years which should have pushed on the county side but didn’t.

Fair play to them and on wards and upwards.

They have always had plenty of strong players in Carlow.
Friend of mine from one of the big clubs reckoned (2 years ago) that he’d have fairly easily been able to find 15 lads from club teams who would have beaten the county team - this is because the best players often don’t want to commit to county.
He also told me about a couple of lads from his club who got injured, joined the county panel just for the better treatment they would receive on their injury, then step off the panel when the injury clears up! Apparently that is (or was) a common enough occurrence!

Think the main thing Turlough O’Brien is doing is getting the best players playing and committing to the county team (similar to Mick O’Dwyer in Wicklow) which will be enough to get them far more competitive!

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in laws are from the Laois side of Carlow town , would have heard some stories about the team over the years.

Hopefully all committed now.

How? That Jersey? Jeez!

so thats were the Gok lad is hiding these days.

Fair pay to him redesigning the kickhams jersey for Carlow and throwing in a splash of yellow

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Gok Wan… translated means Every One?

In true Dublinese Irish!

Brendan Murphy going to America and will miss the championship. Huge loss for Carlow

Man probably wants to earn a few quid.