Congress this weekend

I’d be surprised if the “Super 8” motion passes now even with Duffy’s backing :

It’s doomed now without the CPA and GPA backing. Think with consultation from those two bodies, and the general mood for a better season structure there’s scope for serious change, hopefully for the better.

Duffy has to realise the provincial championships are outdated and unbalanced. Teams could lose 3 games and still qualify for semi final with that format he is proposing. He seems to be trying to keep the provincial councils happy.

The super 8 idea should have been tested in hurling first. There are less hurling games played at top level so they could have fit games in in hurling. The gap between the Leinster final and AI semi final is 5 weeks. Thats a long time without a game at any level so a super 8 in hurling would work better.

If they try change the football why not make it 8 groups of 4 teams. Top team through to the quarter finals. Each team gets at least 3 games in that format plus x amount in their province. Provincial competitions can be run off from mid April until the start of June and count towards some sort of seeding. Winners and runners up are top seeds in each of the 8 groups. Can even begin them when teams are knocked out of the league. There are 10 games in Leinster, the max games any one team would play would be 4 games so that could be ran over 5-6 weeks. It just all means clubs will not see their players until August which is nothing unusual.

its easy to come up with a better season. You just have to look at the league and see that the fixtures are far more appealing then in the championship but that the majority of people only pay attention to the championship. You dont need to be a genius to realise that merging the two is the way forward.

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I think the super 8 is a super idea. Based on teams that have qualified for the quarter finals since they began, the majority of counties would have a realistic hope of making them at some stage. It would bring a huge profile to the game and a sense of excitement that isn’t really there now.

But it is impossible to get so many diverse groups together on it. The CPA don’t want it because it is too many games, the GPA don’t want it because it is too few games (for some teams), the likes of Tipperary footballers don’t want it because they think they aren’t good enough to reach the semi final stages without a lucky draw. Congress is just too unwieldy for complicated things. Democracy is great, but it just isn’t suited to complexity (as we have seen!). People should be elected to make decisions like this and then let go and make them.

But I really do think it would be a game changer - it would be like having a mini GAA world cup every year. There would have to be tweaks so there are no dead rubber games (horrible expression, but you know what I mean). It would be better if places were decided on score difference then head to head, but that would be the only thing I would change.

I like the idea of Super 8 but just not now as there are far more important things to solve but to solve it would be to impinge on the power of the provincial councils which simply isn’t going to happen overnight.

It would certainly be an exciting format, but it’s atypical GAA fudge of giving the strong team more games and leaving the weaker counties rot.

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From what Joe Brolly said on Newstalk this week, it would seem he’s happy to keep the county boards on side and, in turn, the provincial councils :unamused:

You’ve covered the entire playing population just there. who seem united that they want want it

Funnily enough, it’s not that they dont like it per say, they just dont like that it is only the top 8 counties getting more games and that they weren’t asked for their opinions. The problem with trying to come up with any solution that is exciting, is that people want to see the top counties play each other more. While other counties should be playing at their own level, they’re refusing to compete in a lower tier - so how do you square that circle?

That part of it strikes me as being a bit childish, so what if they weren’t consulted, they should judge it on it’s merits.

There are two (well two +) conflicting things here, club players are against it because some counties have too many games, county players are against it because they aren’t guaranteed enough games - and a few other groups have more issues. It is just impossible to give everyone what they want when they want different things.

Although, if counties were given scheduled dates on which they have to play championship and county managers weren’t allowed withhold players it would solve a lot of issues. County players beyond the age of say 22 (end of college) play a ridiculously small amount of games.

It’s anything but doomed. I expect to see it carried and by a strong majority

The only strong competitive province is Uladh . . . Dubs stroll thro ugh Laighean and because of this attendances are down. Why not try 8 groups of 4

Really? … I’d be surprised but you never know i guess.

The thing is that the problem is so much bigger than 8 groups of 4 or a Super 8 or whatever. It’s bigger than merely inter-county.

Let’s be honest - shaving 2-3 weeks off the Championship fixtures isn’t really worth a sh!te in the bigger scheme of things.
Do enough people really care enough?

Why can’t the GAA put together a think-tank to push through a proper Master fixture list for at least a trial period of ‘x’ seasons? Are we condemned to forever wringing our hands and lamenting the general fixture chaos & the shoe-horning of club championships into, for some counties, 4-5 weeks played off at warp speed?
Why does change in the GAA always have to involve mere tinkering around at the edges?

And, seeing as I asked on another thread, does anyone know how the DCB delegates(s) is/are going to vote on the Super 8 proposal at the weekend?

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Will be some job getting the Ulster council to shift.

Not even sure there’s an appetite amongst the grass roots

Strange as it sounds…it means something to win the Anglo Celt. Something class about Clones in July.

But I’m enjoying Div1 this season and it’d be good to see double-headers against the likes of Kerry and Dublin.

It’s a pity the old Meath rivalry isn’t there anymore. I enjoyed that as a neutral.

8 groups of 4 is not much better then the current mess but without the provincial titles for weaker counties to aim for. The league is better because it pitches equally strengthed teams against each other, crowds generally seem to be big this year.

You said it was doomed without GPA or CPA backing. Between them they have only one vote. All of the counties have between four and ten votes and The whole of Central Council (who are proposing the change) vote as well. Based on those numbers I think it will win

I do think it’s in trouble without GPA backing, just my opinion. The motion for a B championship last year which failed to get GPA backing was withdrawn as a result - suggesting that counties will listen to their county players … in some cases anyways.