Congress this weekend

No offence boarddelegate but it Illustrates the disconnect between what the players want and want the Admin people vote for

Clearly Duffy offered sweeteners to the weaker counties by promising more funding to help them run the county boards. No other reason the weaker counties would vote for it

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One vote?! :thinking: That’s staggering when you consider all the talk of ‘Player Power’. No wonder Duffy was doing a roadshow show of counties ahead of this weekend to ‘sell’ the proposals. All makes sense now :roll_eyes:

From Declan bogue in the Bel Tel:

The proposals originated from another Ulster man, which appears to have convinced their particular delegates to Congress to fall into line.

As counties of the current President and Director-General, Cavan and Monaghan respectively will give support to their men. It took a heated meeting on Monday night, but Fermanagh, Antrim and Armagh are all on board.

But if anything is going to sway opinion, it is the bottom line of when counties would finish their involvement in county football.

Duffy’s proposals came with a rather handy table pointing out how that might have turned out had the changes been implemented in time for the season just past.

Antrim: finished four weeks earlier. Armagh: Five. Cavan: Three. Derry: a fortnight. Donegal: One week. Down: Four weeks. Fermanagh: Four weeks. Monaghan: Four weeks. Tyrone: A week.

At this point, it appears the only counties that are prepared to vote against the ‘Super 8s’ system are Derry, Tyrone, Down, Cork and Kilkenny.

That’s a bit simplistic. Duffy is only a figurehead representing the Central Council. He cannot offer inducements to anyone they have to come from the Council. And the Council is made up of one rep from each County.
If players want a say they should attend their Club AGM as a block and influence the Club’s view on matters. The Club in turn does the same at County Board and Convention and so on to Congress. The players have the strongest voice of all but just don’t use it.

That’s a bit simplistic also.Some delegates are happy to keep players fairly removed from decisions they make. It’s fine for some admin stuff but don’t agree when it comes to deciding on playing rules /master fixtures etc. There’s a reason why the CPA was set up and 20K subscribed straight away

I generally like the idea, and also there should be a secondary round robin competition (or two) for counties outside top 8. Will make it much more complicated, but performance in season-end round-robin competition should be assigned points, and combined with regular league position to determine the league division of the next year…if provincial competitions are going to be/ must be kept, then this could be a solution. All hypothetical, as wont come to fruition anytime soon…

Who’s gonna get the big job? Be great to see John Horan there.

G’wan Glasnevin !

John Horan elected on the first count.

John Horan elected the new GAA president. First president from Dublin in over 60 years. Great to see

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Wow the first count :open_mouth: Irish times were reckoning it would come down to transfers. John obviously done his work well

Delighted for John - thrilled! Landslide victory.


First Count resuts:

Horan - 144
Frost - 20
Burke - 46
Walsh - 46
Skelly - 22

Jaysus, thats some result for John Horan , obviously done his homework… I’ll get me coat

I was going to make that remark in my original post but didn’t want to start something off :grin:

You might say it was a graveyard for all the other candidates.

ah well Glasnevin is the dead centre of Dublin…

Is that why there are so many Gravediggers there?

Dublin again. Everything’s a disgrace!!!
Good luck to him👍

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Split John Horan in two!

Delighted for him, had dealings with him in the past, a thorough gentleman and I wish him well.

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See that picture of Fogarty , he you squint enough you can see hes raging at this :joy:

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