Connacht Football Championship 2016

McStay in serious bother here against Sligo at half time. They are all over the shop at the back and very slow getting the ball into their forwards.

Hard to see a way back for them.

Considering what he did with St. Brigids McStay has been a bit of a disaster with Roscommon (in the Championship).

And they goal inside half a minute of the restart.

Game on.

Turns out it was just the wind. Rossies look like winning pulling up now.

Still they looked incredibly poor in the first half. Play like that against Mayo in the final and they’ll find themselves a dozen points behind by half time. Still not convinced by Mc Stay

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[quote=“BohemianDub, post:5, topic:557”]
Play like that against Mayo
[/quote]They haven’t beaten Galway yet (says he hopefully)…

You could perhaps excuse that preformance from Roscommon if that was their first game of the championship and they were still a little rusty, but it was their third game (and they played in a league semi-final). I mean with two minutes of normal to go there was only a goal and a point in it.

Abysmal shooting from Galway. Should be at least 6 in front. Nothing new from Mayo here, same old story with AOS.

Any streams?


Kodi is the way to go.

Jebus. Is The Fringe even on the pitch at all?

Bang, Mayo beaten.

Wow. Did not see that coming at all. Are they on the same side of the qualifier draw as us, can we meet them in the quarter final?

Enda Kenny,mary Robinson ,pee Flynn your boys took a hell of a beating.

Horan looks sick as a parrot. :grin:

Would say the 2 lads who managed then last year are breaking their bollix laughing

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Wonder what Pat Spillane has to say now?

I didn’t see any of the game but I was reading the minute-by-minute updates in delerium. I’d say the management team will be hung out to dry after it.

20 mins without a score in the most crucial part of the game… Plus ca change!

wonder who the players will blame now?

  1. Stephen Rochford
  2. The Media
  3. Dub09