Connacht Football Championship 2020

Handy one for Galway if they ever get a manager @mayoman @greenred @Reamonnt

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Galway GAA in disarray but off field antics with our board and GAA foundation donors means we aren’t really in a position to gloat.

Never a dull moment out west.

I’d settle for a connacht title next year. Introduce some more young players. Period of transition now.


There still may be a sting in the tail for some of the older players, but I really think a clean sweep and try build again. The mentality must be crushed in a lot of the current panel, having come so close, but never crossing the finish line…

Don’t agree with clean seeep…you still need your experienced players…Keegan, O Connor, Boyle…when Dublin made the breakthrough in 2011 ye still had players from the so called era where Dublin repeatedly failed…not saying same will happen here, probably won’t but no “complete clean sweep”
Exists in GAA.

I didn’t say complete, and yes maybe keeping some of the heads you named. Remember Ciaran Whelan was adored by Dublin fans and rightly so, but Gilroy thought he wouldn’t fit his plan so he (and others) was set aside and others brought in. I was furious at the time, but hindsight shows us the wisdom of the move. As much as Boyle, Keegan etc are revered by the Mayo fans, it sometimes takes a bold move to get bold results. I genuinely wish you well MM, you’ve been to the well so many times.

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Crazy what went on with the older guys at the expense of the young lads all Summer.

There’s lads in that squad who are excellent players and who will run through brick walls while still physically able. They also have alot of big-game experience. They have to be a part of the plans as without them the newer lads coming in will not be able to build a serious challenge for Sam in the next 3 years or so.
And building a squad up to even that level from scratch usually means years of set-backs and wastage of quality players along the way.

I take your points. What age was Whelen when Gilroy set him aside? Keegan is 29, Cillian is only 27…them
Boys aren’t going to be “retired”. Boyle alright is 33, not sure will he give it another year or not.

Keegan still plenty to give if his fitness holds up. It’s the 32, 33 lads I’d be looking at.

@mayoman Whelo would have been 33 I think

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Padraig Joyce lined up as new Galway manager. What a player he was!

The right man I think . Divily a good man to have too. He knows a bit about Dublin, worked with McCaffrey and Fenton in UCD I think.

It’ll be interesting, would have to assume they will revert to a much more attacking style. He never struck me as a managerial type though. One the greatest inside forwards ever in his days in that position, alongside BB, AB when closer to goal, and Con.

See Ciaran Mcdonald has been appointed coach of the Mayo seniors, big competition for Aido in the hairdo stakes:laughing:

Will Mayo be the first team to have a hairdresser in the back room team✂️

Well I think Aido deserves it. A star as big as him always need to look their best. corn rows don’t row themselves you know.

In fairness if McDonald can teach them how to kick the ball the way he could it could bring them on, he was a class act, maybe at times too classy and the basics would have served him better, but still a top player.

You can’t teach what he had.

Suppose not, but you could get the hairdo, well I probably couldn’t at this stage:laughing:

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Unsurprisingly New York Galway postponed