Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017

I don’t really get the anti Philly thing to be honest, it’s in Dublin too . As far as I know he doesn’t get too much into the sledging thing and his sending off record isn’t too bad. He is a bit mouthy with officials and I didn’t love the Donaghy incident a while back. But I could think of many more with a worse record on the field, but not so many with the same record as him on charity / advocacy work.


That Mayo respect doesn’t add up to a hill of beans, as Holmes & Connelly experienced, never let it be forgotten.

Rossies defeat Leitrim in a game that was largely over in first half when Rossies scored 2 goals.On to the Connacht final where It’s hard to see Roscommon providing any test to Galways continued dominance of Connacht.

[quote=“Nappertandy, post:505, topic:2029, full:true”] providing any test to Galways continued dominance of Connacht.

Steady on !

Slightly stretching it a little ! You protest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Mayo v Derry on July 1st. We should beat Derry. No business going any further if we can’t.

Unfortunately, you have home disadvantage. McHale is no fortress.

Still, Derry are division 3, and even Brolly says they’re a mess. Have Mayo even beaten Derry in the championship?

Might be a half decent game, certainly the best pairing, as the other 3 qualifier games will be paddlings. If it was a sunny morning, I’d be tempted to make the trip up the road to Castlebar. (Disguised in me Ballymun Kickhams Jersey).

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Mayo have never beaten Derry in Championship but we have only ever played once in championship.

Funny enough the jibes we get as Croke Park chockers is not true because we have won more games in Croker in the past 10 years than anywhere else and usually play our best football there.

All Ireland final day remains an issue I will admit.

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Good draw to start building momentum, like you say if you can’t take care of derry you’ve no business going further.

Higgins suspended, and Leeroy looks to be out. Not sure about Caff, and him just back and all.

Might have to change things up a bit as regards personnel. Big Aido will have a few headaches on team selection (J/K).

I reckon Derry will Park the Bus and try to eek out an 0.08 to 0.06 win. Slim chance of that mind you.

What’s wrong with Lee?

Collision in a Club game. The guy he hit had to go off, Leeroy made it to the end, but hobbled off.

Damn club games eh …

Ah but you get injured in training …hmm struggling to recall many …

Keegan, Caff suspect, Loftus didn’t make it through a full game, but may be alright.

It all starts at the club though…without the clubs you have no county teams. I see my friends who play for clubs getting more frustrated as the years go on…they seem to play the least amount of football in July/August which is mad when you think about it.

We have a totally different argument elsewhere on this forum due to too many players being away in July and August.

It is increasingly down to the increasingly powerful intercounty manager causing the increasingly large shutdown of increasingly condensed county championships!

True and what happens here is many young lads head of on the J1 visa for the summer. Hard to blame them.

The least amount of football is played when the weather is finest. Nuts.