Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017

Quite frankly club teams can’t field players at present. Young lads 18-22 have no interest in spending their summers here if they can go on J1’s. People can only take holidays at work when they are told these days. Music festivals at weekend are all on in the summer. Throw in stags and weddings and try being a club manager in the summer!

Playing league matches midweek in the summer and scrapping playing them at weekends in the summer would really work in my view.


That certainly merits being trialled for a year or two, Caballero Bart.

They should be made to hand over their passports.

Midweek games would work in Dublin but I know here half the team or more of most clubs don’t live in Mayo so you are unlikely to be able field a team.

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Is Generalissimo McStay enginineering an upset in Galliv?

Doing well here but for how long ?

Bit early to say but signs are there

He will if the Rossies take their chances . Great goal . And yes , before anyone else says it - poor defending .

24 mins in 0-2 to 1-6 !

Lots of wides from Rossie since the goal though…they may regret those yet.

Fablis block !

You’d think the cameraman would wipe the moisture off the lens every now and again . ''Tis like watching it from inside a car


No point. It’s Salthill. T’will be drenched again in seconds and the lens smeared.

The Galway no. 13 is having a shocker.

So is the no 3 , turned very easily , booked already

Thought his yellow card was very harsh, a slight push in the back heading towards the wing.

Dessie looks fierce uncomfortable there during the ht analysis . Wonder did teacher Pat give him a scolding before they went on air .

Yeah that referee Gough is strict. Though I like the way he whistles for pulling the jersey off the ball. Very poor game so far, raining in Salthill as usual.