Connacht Senior Football Championship 2017

Would say he got it off Lyster too. He’s a blow in after all.

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Fair fucks to him though, for what he said…and he has stood over it since too. He didn’t back down.

Not enough people call Spillane out on his constant pro Kerry shyte on TSG. He couldn’t even comment on the Roscommon goal, without invoking the Gooch FFS !


I forgot how ropey the Galway keeper is.

Took the goal very well .Rossies need to stop fouling & giving up frees .

Galway in the ascendency now .

Ah no, ah no…

( I’ve been waiting 50 minutes to type that. :grin: )


Could see a draw here , or just another collapse by Roscommon.

Cracking point.

Galway need goals . If Rossies can just chip away they may actually pull it off.

Doing well , knocking precious time off the clock .

5 points and 5 mins plus added time …

Roscommon actually playing smart ball :blush:

Galway are dreadful. Can’t see them doing anything in Division 1 next year.

That’s a stupid yellow .

Complete distaster for Galway - big win for Roscommon

I heard McStay being interviewed at length on Second Captains about a month ago. He seemed very optimistic about that the next two seasons. He spoke very well although I suspected he was spoofing a bit or else a tad deluded. Interesting to see what they’ll do in Croker.

Wonder what Gay Sheerin has to say about McStay now?


Bust up in aisle two !

Obligatory melee now

Embarrassing from Comer. Pathetic behaviour