Connacht Senior Football Championship 2019

It all kicks off tomorrow as London host Galway and New York take on Mayo. Who will be more competitive in their match? London or New York?

London should be. I think New York are starting 6 homegrown players tomorrow. Too much of a step up. Great occasion for them all though!

Mayo plus 19 is about right, they’ll fly through them.

Did you get ticket for New York game?

It would be some craic having a Dublin game over in NYC… Finally Jealous of a Mayo fan!!


London 1-03 Galway 0-08 so far

All square at HT 1-06 - 0-09

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It’ll be nice for Marty to go Home for the Match

London just missed a sitter to level it at the end. Galway Bay FM commentator said " Galway are haunted to be ahead here." Nice little scare for the Tribe

New York getting a real hiding 0-01 - 0-14 after 30mins :grimacing:


They were 14 before NY scored. Waste of time, money and effort really.

Incidentally Luke Kelly opened NY’s account

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Only time NY are remotely competitive has been when they’re playing Leitrim and even now those days might be behind them if Leitrim can keep going as they are

Rte would rot your shite…Enda Kenny saying Ireland is flying and John “Mayo are unbelievable” Casey. Pair of pricks.


Agreed , I would imagine Mayo are using it as a training camp for the time they are over there.

New York getting within a few points of Leitrim & Roscommon the last few years will keep them in in for the foreseeable.


According to Enda you’re all over there…Mayo for Sam :kissing:

Wouldn’t beat a good club side

Total waste of time and money.


Agreed . Though Mayo doing plenty of fund raising as part of the gig . Kevin Kilbane over there on their junket